Allistairs Reunited


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Scene Title Allistairs Reunited
Synopsis Mallory and Simon Allistair talk now that Mallory's back in her own body. The Company is discussed, amongst other things.
Date May 12, 2009

Mallory's room. May 12, 6:55 PM. Simon is pacing back and forth, squeezing his hands into very tight fists, so tight that his fingernails leave little half-moons imbedded in his palms. Mallory has been missing for a while, and the NYPD office hasn't called him back. Elizabeth is either busy, or his message was never passed along. Either way, the kid hates this waiting game. He hates putting his other projects on hold. He hates what's about to go down in Japan and the fact that he can't do anything about it. He hates…

One of the Allistair twins' cousins go bounding by, footsteps hard and loud against the wood floors. "Tommy, shut the hell up!" Simon yells, ceasing his constant pace. He has to physically calm himself down for feat that his jugular would burst with tension. Worst. Day. Ever.

Mallory steps in through the back door, sliding her hand against the wall and scowling at Tommy, who is loudly demanding to know what's wrong with her anyway. Mallory fixes him with a dour look and keeps heading toward her room. Fortunately, Mallory doesn't speak all that often normally, so it's still all good. Labouriously climbing the stairs, she pushes the door to her room open and blinks at Simon. One hand reaches into her hoodie to remove a cell phone. Bzzzt, goes Simon's phone.

Simon turns to the door and is about to yell at another cousin or something, but Mallory walks in instead. "You," he says, in some deep and guttural voice that is anything but Simon. "Get the hell out of that body," he continues, even as Mallory reaches for the cell phone to call him. When his phone goes off he jumps slightly before reaching in his pocket to pull it out. He answers, looking annoyed. "Think this is funny, Robin Hood? Joke's over. You're dead."

Well, it's a text. Strawberry. And it's pretty Mallory; she trails her hand along the wall and walks to her computer to sit down in front of it, giving Simon a very Mallory sour look. She holds up her phone and wiggles it. Not too good @ talking again yet.

Simon hears nothing on the other end, looks at his phone, and sees a text. That one word stops his useless rant, and he eyes his sister knowingly as she trails over to the computer. "Blueberry," he tells her as he moves to the bed and takes a seat. The second text is eyed, digested. "You can't talk? What the hell happened to you? Where did you go? Is Robin Hood…dead?"

Mallory shakes her head, extending a leg to poke his knee with one Converse-clad toe. No, she sends to his cell. Not dead. Don't know where, but not dead. Probably won't be if Company gets him. She studies his face intently for a moment. Was there.

Simon looks between Mallory and the cell phone as the texts keep coming through. He reads them all and feels a lump grow in his throat. "At the Company?" he asks, eyeing Mallory with a worried look on his face. "What did they do to you?"

They had my body when Taylor Reed Robin Hood left it, Mallory sends, scowling darkly. I was in their facility. I know where it is. I know two of them. Wireless got me out.

Simon shakes his head slowly for a little while, processing things in his head. When he speaks, it's barely above a whisper. "I'm just glad you're fine," he says. "This Taylor guy needs to pay, though. What is the Company going to do if they find him?"

Lock him away. Mallory's expression is sullen; she looks out the window before rising from her seat to cross over to the bed and sit next to him, close enough to almost touch. But use him if they can. And I bet they can. She turns the phone around and around in her hands, fidgeting.

Simon doesn't scoot to make room. No, right now he doesn't mind being real close to his sister. "Yeah? I don't like the sound of that," Simon tells her, looking sullen and serious. "Should we do something? Should we just ignore it, maybe?"

Can't do anything now, reads the text on their phones. The Company is too strong. Can't do anything yet. Watch out. That sort of thing. The whole ordeal must've traumatized her; she leans against his shoulder, something she hasn't done since they were kids sharing secrets up in the treehouse.

Simon slowly reaches him around to hold onto Malory. He doesn't like to see her this way. How could he? "Don't worry, I think I know someone who can help. He's just - crazy." Simon lets out a sigh and lifts his free hand to rub the bridge of his nose. It still hurts from his struggle with the monster. Maybe there's some deep bruise action going on.

Mallory sniffles. Just slightly. Because dust got in her nose or something. Right. She closes her eyes for a moment, taking comfort, though there's another text: Who?

Simon looks at his cell phone and says, "His name is Adam. He - " Simon pauses a moment to close his eyes, adding to the emo level of the scene because it's dramatic. "Well, he's way more violent than you or I. Maybe it's a bad thing."

Mallory cracks an eye open. How crazy? I don't like crazy.

Simon shrugs and says, "Maybe crazy isn't giving him enough credit. He just seems obsessed with taking the company down. The way he wants to do it, though, I don't know. It involves murder, but maybe even of people who don't deserve it."
I'm thinking we don't want his help, Mallory says, both eyes open, expression stern. It must've been nice when Simon could feel free to make decisions without someone overbearing assuming she's always right over his shoulder! Where's you meet this guy, anyway?

"Staten Island," Simon tells Mallory, looking over and down at her, but not mentioning whether or not he thinks she's right. "He knew about the Company. I wanted to know more. It seemed like a good idea. Then he told me he was going to Japan. Apparently the Company has a cell there."

You and Staten Island, Mallory replies, annoyance crossing her features. So how many people know you're looking into the Company now if some random guy is chatting you up about them?

"Yeah, me and Staten Island," he says, giving her a hard look and sliding her arm from around her shoulders. "Not many. He started it, alright? And it doesn't matter. They took us alright?" He scoots away from Mallory and pulls down the collar of his shirt to reveal his isotope tracking mark. The one Adam told him about. "Do you have this, too? If you do, then you need to stop giving me shit, ok?"

Mallory blinks, leaning over to peer at his mark. She pales. I do. What is that?

"Adam told me a little bit about how the Company works," Simon tells Mallory, letting his shirt go so that it covers the mark again. "He said people get a mark on their neck when they're taken. I thought you might have it to. Remember the night we can't remember?" Simon raises a brow curiously, pausing for a moment to let that sink in.

Yes, comes Mallory's reply. She reaches up to touch her neck where the little mark is, fingertips just brushing against it. So they took us. They know what I am already. Does it mean they know what you are, too? Mallory's hand falls to her lap. That's why you wanted me to look into them. It doesn't change anything. They were my enemy because they were your enemy. I trust Wireless more than this Adam guy, though. Her I can believe. It's too big for us right now.

"I don't trust Adam at all. I think he knows what he's talking about, though," Simon tells Mallory after reading the screen of his cell phone. "I don't know if they know what I am. I'm going to assume they do, but it doesn't matter." He pauses, then says. "I know they're big and bad, but do you expect to just forget about them?"

The look Mallory gives him is sharp. Do I ever just forget about something?

Simon smiles and shakes his head as the text is delivered to him. "No, you sure don't. That's why I don't think you really want to let this go. I don't know what we can do, but fuck the Company, right?"

Save ourselves first, Mallory sends. And fuck everything else. Her mouth is set in a hard line, her eyes cold.

"We are not the only people in world, Mal," Simon says, acting on the verge of anger. "I'm sorry, but I can't just do nothing. Even if I'm safe. I won't get you hurt, but - " his voice trails off for a moment before he sighs. "I don't think you understand at all."

We are the only people in the world that matter, Mallory sends, one hand snapping out to grab at his wrist. We are the only people in the world who have our backs. Except maybe Hana. But… Other people let you down. Other people fail you. I'll help, sure, but not at any risk to myself or you.

Simon is fine with the hand touching his wrist until he finishes reading the texts. Then, he pulls his hand away and stands from the bed. "I'm tired of that seriously fucked up attitude, Mal," he says, turning around to glare at her. Obviously, the emotion of the past week has gotten to him. "All you do is belittle me for wanting to help. Or do something good. Well, I'm not stupid for wanting it, ok? I'm not stupid for looking at Staten and seeing more than a hopeless dump. And I'm definitely not stupid for wanting to protect people from the Company when I know what they do." Huff. Puff. And he's done, for now.

Mallory glares at him, holding her phone up so he can see the screen. YOU'RE STUPID IF YOU WANT TO PUT YOURSELF BETWEEN THEM AND THE PEOPLE YOU WANT TO PROTECT. More calmly, You're no good to them dead or worse. You're no good to me that way, either.

Simon's eyes glance over to the cell phone and waver there a moment as the words are read. "I'm not stupid," he says, this time more calmly. "I'm sorry if you think I just get in the way, but Im no good to anyone if I just sit on my ass and do nothing."

Mallory's brow furrows; her lips purse up like she just sucked on a lemon. Then be patient.

"For what?" Simon says, throwing up his arms in frustration. "The Company isn't waiting. The fucking monster isn't. Why do I - we - have tobe the ones who wait around?"

Because they're strong and we're weak, is Mallory's answer, cell phone still held up. What monster?

"We are not weak, Mallory," he says, eyeing his sister with a funny look on his face. "Do you actually think that? I mean look at you. You survived being stuck in the freaking Internet. If that's not strong, I don't know what is," he says, pausing a moment when he's asked about the monster. "Oh, yeah. There's a monster on Staten. Don't worry about him, though. He's really just an old man."

Maybe you don't understand how strong they are. Mallory frowns. Old man whatnow?

Simon reads the text and grins. "Yeah, they're big and strong and probably invulnerable. But they're always going to be that if people don't step up to them. Don't worry about the monster. It tried to eat the kids at the Lighthouse, but we scared it off. I don't really know much else." He, of course, doesn't mention being attacked by the thing.

Mallory's eyebrows go up. Wait and find better people to stand up with. Fuck, this isn't rocket science, Simon. Does this Adam guy have a last name?

Simon grins and shakes his head. "I know it's not. Going out there, though, and finding people isn't sitting around doing nothing. It's doing something and it's exactly what I intend to do," whether he's thinking clearly or not is certainly subject. "Monroe, I think. Like I said, I don't trust him, but he has answers."

Mallory leans back. Adam Monroe. Time to do a search on that name. I'll look into him.

Simon nods and says, "Listen, I need to get going ok. I really need to clear my head." It looks like it, too, from the way he's starting to act. Jittery, uncontrolled. "I'm so glad you're back, but just hang out here until you feel better, ok?"
Mallory still looks kind of annoyed. Fine. But then she smiles a little at him.

"Fine," Simon repeats, also looking annoyed. He manages a smile, too, though, and walks over to give Mallory a hug. "I was so worried about you," he tells her through glistening eyelids that threaten to tear up.

Mallory squeezes her eyes shut and swiftly hugs him back. At least she has an excuse not to talk.

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