Franklin "Foggy" Nelson

Foggy is a Timneh African Grey and lives up to it with dark grey feathers and a dark red splash at his tail. He's a medium-sized bird, about ten inches tall and fairly bulky. He talks. A lot. R2D2 noises are his favorite.


Monica brought Foggy home after a business trip abroad — a rescue animal, she says — and they've been bonding ever since. He's about a year old and has been with Monica for most of that time. Unless it's a short trip, she tends to bring the bird along. Sorry, hotel managers.

Franklin "Foggy" Nelson

Currently in the care of:

Favorite Phrases

Sound Effects

  • R2D2 whistles and beeps, of course.
  • A pretty damn good imitation of Monica's arm gears and gyros.
  • Chewbacca noises.


  • "Jiba! Crackers!"
  • "Quack."
  • "I'm gonna bitecha."


  • "Je t'aime."
  • "Très drôle! Très drôle!"
  • "Votre visage est tragique."


  • "Ento ny solosainy!"
  • "Fenoy ity."
  • "Aiza ny kafe?!"


  • "Chou kawaiii~!"
  • "Kono… bakabakashi!"
  • "Hara heta."
  • "Gochisousamadeshita."
  • "Chikusho!"


  • "Mirame. Soy deliciosó!"
  • "¡Azúcar!"
  • "Coño…"
  • "¡Ese pinche cabrón!"
  • "Aver…"
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