A smallish dog with reddish-brown fur and white patches. Even his eyes are almost the same color as his fur. There is a red collar around his neck, partially covered by fur, with his name written in sharpie.


When she needed someone most, she stumbled on a shabby dog waiting in the ruins of a bombed out house for his people to return. Ever since she coaxed him into being her friend, Goober has been her most loyal friend. Someone she doesn't have to fear or run from.

Likes: scritches, Roxie, BALL!, roast beef, cheese, peanut butter, food in general
Dislikes: Cats (Evil ones!), squirrels, rats, mean humans


Currently in the care of:

Favorite Humans

  • Roxie - My person! My alpha! I love her. She is good!
  • Joaquin - Fixed my hurts! Has food! He is good!
  • Silvia - Throws the ball! Oh boy! Oh boy!

Confused Humans

  • Emily - Seems good, but under the spell of the Evil One.
  • Finch - Friend? Pack? I think. Likes to play dead. So many treats!! Yum! But likes all, even Evil Ones.

Evil Ones!

  • Idiot - Evil one! Beware! I will protect the good ones from the evil!
  • Kettle - Also Evil one! Beware! Likes high places!


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