How To App into the Bright Timeline

Parallel Timeline Applications

With the Storyline The Garden of Forking Paths, you will be able to apply and play a parallel timeline version of one of your characters. As Bright future previously appeared in the Sound of Thunder Volume, you may use the character that you had apped then, if you choose. However, you will need to make small adjustments because this version of the Bright timeline takes place earlier than the 2019 setting of Sound of Thunder.

You may app ONE alternate-timeline character. You do not need to apply the same character you applied in Virus, nor do you have to app someone who is currently alive/active in the Prime timeline. As long as you played that character, they are applicable.

Please see the Bright Timeline index for information on this timeline:

At this time, we are only accepting applications for the Bright Future timeline. As other parallel timelines open up, you will be allowed to apply a variant version of one character from each of them.

If you wish to apply a brand new character that has never been approved on String Theory to introduce within an alternate timeline, please talk to staff. If your character from Virus survived into this timeline, you will need to fill out a separate request for them to cover what they do during the time skip, how they learn to control their ability, etc. Those whose Virus character made the trip may still apply for a Bright character (though only one of them may potentially be able to make the next jump).

This application (submitted via +request) is much shorter than chargen and includes only the following information:

Bright Timeline App

Give us a paragraph or two to put your pre-existing character into the context of this timeline. Though the timeline starts in 2012, a majority of the RP will be taking place in 2017 (after a five-year time skip that will be done over the first few weeks that they are in Bright). The first part should cover where they are in 2012, but then where you intend for them to be when we get to 2017.

If you have questions, ask Queens or Manhattan.

In a few sentences, explain what your character is like in this timeline.

How did your character's ability develop in this timeline? The Bright Future branched in early 2009. The majority of the action in this timeline will take place in 2017, so keep that in mind when you write your character up.

Other Alts
While you are restricted to one alt from each timeline to actually RP, as has been established before, other alts might pop up in cameo appearances in scenes to give an idea of what happened to them. Insert all alts that you want to give staff permission to toy with and work into the world, either as simple cameo appearances (maybe they are seen briefly on TV) or as full-blown staff-ran NPCs.

If you opt for this you are putting your character's fate in that timeline in our hands.
Up until the arrival of the alternate-timeline travelers, this timeline is functionally identical to that of the Sound of Thunder storyline. If you are reprising a version of the 2019 character you played in A Sound of Thunder your personal timeline should be consistent up until 2012.

Do not app for ANY other timelines at this time. We will announce when you may do so.

Virus Survivors

If a character you applied for the Virus Timeline survives and makes it to the Bright Timeline, you may play both of these characters for the time being. However, if you choose to carry over any of them, you may only bring one. Besides, who would actually want to leave the Bright Timeline after escaping a viral apocalypse?

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