Bringing The Specialist In


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Scene Title Bringing the Specialist In
Synopsis Cardinal visits Jaiden in his apartment to borrow Jaiden for a 'discussion' he's going to have with Elle.
Date August 23, 2010

Jaiden's Basement Apartment

The door to Jaiden's below-ground apartment opens into a 20 x 20 living room. There is a small section of wooden flooring near the door for people to take their shoes off, while the rest of the apartment is furnished with a heavy pile carpet in a rich royal red. The living room features an enormous sofa which could double as a spare bed, and often does, a coffee table, a leather chair and a built-in bench which serves as an entertainment center and offers additional storage. A short hallway extends to the back of the apartment with two doors on the right and a large bookcase against the wall between. The first opening to the left leads to the kitchen - a sleek modern design that provides all amenities for basic cooking and beyond - enough to hold a feast out of. A large 4 burner stovetop, dishwasher, microwave, convection oven and refrigerator as well as a well-used coffee machine live here, giving one the tools needed to prepare simple, filling meals. The door on the right leads to Jaiden's bedroom. This room is painted in warm colors, the small windows allowing just enough light in to make it seem larger than it actually is. It has a queen sized bed with a thick pillow-top mattress; perfect for snuggling. In addition, sitting on the night table is a laptop computer that gives ready access the Internet. The bathroom is across from the kitchen, offering direct access from both the living room and bedroom, furnished with a full size tub and shower, as well as lots and lots of fluffy towels.

Behind the bookcase, though, the Apartment becomes something else…

Set up for an extended stay for several people, the back wall has two doors that open into small rooms, the right holding a bathroom and a pair of showers, the left hiding a makeshift armory with rifles, shotguns, pistols and ammunition, caged off in a locked enclosure. Wires from the generator upstairs are fed into a circuit breaker that powers the lights and the pump that draws water from are-purposed well. Several cots are set up - unmade for now, but with pillows and blankets stacked on a nearby shelf. Another shelf near the entrance has canned and dried food, bandages and medicines and the like in neatly labeled bins..

Knock knock.
Who's there? Cardinal's there.
The man's standing outside the apartment, dressed in his usual casual street clothes, glancing casually behind himself to make sure that he wasn't followed here. He normally just slips in under a door or through a window, but he tries not to do that with people who aren't used to him yet.

The door opens after a moment and, standing in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, is Jaiden, a half-devoured sandwich well on it's way to being fully devoured. He holds up a hand to motion Cardinal in and closes the door behind, locking it. Inside the apartment downstairs the lights are low, a soft underscore of music playing in the background as a subtext, providing an excellent acoustic barrier to anyone who was thinking about listening.

"Hey there, mate." Jaiden finally says after swallowing. "Wondering when you were going to poke your nose in and do some sniffing around."
"I hope I'm not disturbing, or anything?" An easy smile curves to Cardinal's lips, one brow arching over the edge of his shades as he walks along inside, glancing around the apartment in absent appraisal of the environs, "Nice place you've got here. Cozy, well-furnished…"

"A man's home is his castle. I've got to make up for the reputation basement-dwellers get, after all." Jaiden's sandwich is put back on it's plate as he heads to the kitchen. "You're not disturbing anything but a short lunch. You want anything to drink? I've got sodas, water, juice, beer…." He trails off, turning to lean against the counter, taking another bite, his sandwich a modified baton. "So…" Sandwich points to Cardinal. "What brings you to my little hole in the ground?"

"I don't see a single bag of cheetos," Cardinal points out with a mock-shake of his head, "And there's no shelf of D&D books anywhere. I mean, really…" A grin's flashed over, and then he admits, "I could go for a beer. Actually, I'm gonna need your help - there's someone I need to have a talk to, and in case it doesn't go well, your ability can deal with hers."

There are bags of Cheetos - just put away in the cupboard for later use, not scattered on the counter amidst Warhammer Miniatures and 20 sided dice as is the usual basement dweller's fare. "I know, I know, I'm totally screwing up the stereotype but, what do you expect? I'm Australian. Screwing up things is what we do best."

Jaiden heads to the fridge and opens it, rummaging about for a decent beer - a lager from Texas called Shiner. He opens it with a smart rap against the counter, the top spiraling up to catch in his right hand, the open bottle offered to Cardinal. "I get 'em wet and their power doesn't work, I take it?"

"What? No Fosters? And here I thought that was Australian for beer…" The bottle's taken in hand with a grin, and Cardinal brings it up to his lips to take a hearty swing thereof. The man's weight leans sideways against the counter, and he gestures with the bottle itself like a conductor's baton, "Something like that. Elle's an electrokinetic. Water and electricity don't work well together, so — she should know better than to try and start zapping people if she's soaked."

"Bite your tongue, sir. Fosters may be what we ship over here in cans labeled beer, but it's not good. It's a slogan. It's what we use to get your frat boys to buy something that we wouldn't water our lawns with, thinking it's Australian." Jaiden grins, taking the penultimate bite of his sandwich, nodding. "Neat thing about my power is I can concentrate the water on her and not on me. I think I met her once, briefly, at the Nite Owl, with Elisabeth….didn't do much of anything or even get to understanding what powers who has. Keeping it secret, you know. But yeah….I think hosing her down would work pretty well." He chuckles. "She'll be as mad as a dipped cat, but if it keeps us from getting cooked, so much the better."

"Never actually tried Fosters, I'll take that as a warning," Cardinal muses, filing that little snippet of information away for Strategic Bar Purposes. Another swallow of beer, and he shakes his head, "Elle's psychotic, in the classical sense. She's dangerous as hell, and is working for the enemy - technically - but she's enough of a loose cannon that she might listen to us instead of her superiors. Her and her 'boyfriend' Warren - who's even crazier and more dangerous - stopped by one of our operatives' place yesterday, hurt her and laid down all sorts of threats. I'm going to inform her that this is unacceptable behavior."

"And I'm there to be the unspoken threat." Jaiden chuckles. "I'm not used to being the gun in someone's pocket, but I suppose I can do that." The sandwich is finished, the Aussie wiping his hand on his pants. "Psychotic in what way? Schizophrenic? Sadistic? Do I need to worry about her wearing a tinfoil hat or thinking that elves are telling her to do things, or is she just well and truly fucked in the head? I like knowing what I'm dealing with."

"She's severely lacking in human empathy and has a strong slice of sadism to boot," Cardinal admits dryly, "She's normally used for hunt-and-kill or hunt-and-retrieve missions I think, she's not all that comfortable with anything more… complicated. She's about as subtle as a brick to the side of your head."

Jaiden nods after a moment, worrying his right thumbnail as he thinks. "So the easiest thing for me to do is to give her a false target to deal with. A bat or a gun or something totally useless against her, considering her power. The bullies are often the easiest to deal with - they're tenacious, but if you can figure out how to shut them down, so much the better. Hopefully it won't need to come to that, but if it does…you've got me. When and where?

The pad of Cardinal's thumb taps against the edge of his glass, his head tipping in an easy nod towards him after a moment. "Whenever you've got the time. I can call her now, even, try to set up a meet somewhere… quiet and out of the way."

"Let's get this out of the way, then. THe sooner the better. Just….how well does she respond to threats or, rather, suggestions of a more forceful nature? I don't mind a fight, but if given the choice, pick somewhere near water so I've got plenty of ammo." Jaiden grabs his shirt, pulling it on with two quick movements, followed by his hat. "ready when you are."
"She might try to fight," Cardinal admits as he pushes off the counter, finishing off the bottle of beer and setting it down on the counter, reaching down to his belt to pull his phone off it, snapping it open, "Might want to bring a nice big jug've water, too, just to be safe. If you don't have any, we can hit a gas station on the way…"

Jaiden chuckles, heading to the fridge and grabbing a pair of water bottles, one going into one of the cargo pockets on his leg, the other snapped open and half-drained with a few gulps. "I've got a pair of jerrycans upstairs. We park, leave them open and within 50 yards, and I'll be fine."

"Sounds like a plan. I've got my car parked outside…" Cardinal's thumb rolls down the contacts list of his phone, tapping twice on one particular one - labeled 'Bishop, E', right before 'Bishop, R' - and brings it up to his ear as he heads towards the exit stairs, "…hopefully she's not with that mass murderer boyfriend of hers."

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