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Scene Title Bullet List
Synopsis Helena meets with Hana and Bennet to discuss the Peter Petrelli situation, among other things.
Date November 11, 2008

Gordon Safehouse, SoHo

The easiest way to get a message is via wireless, or one might say, Wireless. Which is what Helena does, of course. By now he's certainly gotten the message that Helena's people have jumped ship and joined the ferry, so to speak. However, there are details she's not had a chance to share, important enough for her to request a meeting, and not just some covert meetup at the docks.

This may take a while.

'Awhile' is something of a subjective term. To some people, six hours might seem like a long time; to others, it's but a blink of an eye. When Helena receives word from Wireless' people, it comes in the form of an encrypted address belonging to an apartment above a bustling Vietnamese take-out joint in SoHo. Bennet is there to meet the young woman at the top of the stairs when she finally arrives, one hand holding open the other door while the other sits unobtrusively in his jacket pocket.

"Welcome to Meredith Gordon's," he says. "We've been expecting you."

The aforementioned means of communication is also here in person, beyond the open door. She's dressed casually, which translates to a dark green shirt and black jeans; the leather jacket hangs off the back of the chair Hana is seated in, and at the moment her dark gaze is directed out the window, not that much beyond light and dark silhouettes can be seen through the thin curtain veiling it. With Helena's entrance, Hana turns to face the door, inclining her head briefly to the younger woman.

"Thank you." Helena says graciously, and makes her way in. Hana gets a smile, sincerely meant, even if it doesn't quite make it to Helena's eyes. She takes the seat and begins without much ado, "So now that we're on board, you need the details, and you're not going to be happy. You know that PARIAH such as it is, still exists. What you may not know is that Claire and West chose to go with them." Her eyes dart up to Noah's face. "I'm sorry," she says, "I tried to make her stay. I practically begged her."

Bennet shuts the door behind Helena and slides the deadbolt into place, keeping his back to her as she speaks. At the mention of Claire, his shoulders sag a little, but when he turns around the expression on his face is the same as it was when he greeted her — amicable, if a little tight around the edges. "There's no need to apologize for the choices my daughter's decided to make," he tells Helena. "She's a grown woman, same as you."

"There may not be a need to apologize, but that doesn't make me any less sorry." Helena says quietly. "I'm afraid the hits keep on coming. To make a long story short, Peter's met someone who can self-replicate, he's split into two people, and of the two, one's stayed with the Company and the other has joined PARIAH. Nevermind the kind of power he brings to their arsenal; the replicator has told me that merging is necessary or he gets very weak. And since PARIAH Peter wants to kill Company Peter, I'm not sure what kind of consequences that will bring, but I'm pretty sure they'd be bad. I have no idea what to do about it." Wryly, "That's item two. I have a bullet pointed list somewhere but I forgot to stick it in my pocket."

Behind the lenses of his glasses, Bennet's eyes narrow. "Julien Dumont? Or someone else?" He doesn't dwell on these questions for long, though — almost as soon as they're asked, he appears to wave them off with a vague gesture of his hand and a shake of his head. "Never mind," he grunts. "It doesn't matter. If Peter's already obtained the ability, there's nothing we can do to reverse the damage it's done. We'll focus on running damage control instead. When was the time you saw him?"

"Someone else." Helena confirms. "Who's actually joined Phoenix, as it happens. He says if the Peters don't integrate, they'll get very ill. I don't know how much. The last time I saw the Peter with the Company was a few days ago, the last time I saw the Peter who's joined PARIAH was yesterday. I have different dead drops for messages with both of them, and I don't think they're communicating with each other, which may be useful."

Folding her hands on the table, Hana remains quiet as Helena speaks. "Peter regenerates," she points out. "That may offset the weakness." Her gaze returns to the window, the technopath listening to the conversation. "If you like, I'll keep the list for you next time," Hana remarks absently. Her tone is just dry enough to hint at humor… but maybe the humor isn't really there at all, only its illusion. "Are there any differences between them aside from personality?"

Helena pushes hair out of her face and looks to Hana. "Company Peter has venom in his mouth." she says after a moment. "PARIAH Peter doesn't." She briefly looks at the table, and then back to Noah.

"Interesting." It's times like these that Bennet wishes he still had access to the Company's paper files. If he did, he might be able to glean some better insight into the situation. "Empathic mimicry isn't a common ability. You see more firebreathers and cryokinetics than you do people like Peter — it's entirely possible that the split created some sort of schism effect. Lucky us, if that turns out to be true. Alone, his loadout is almost as impressive as Sylar's. Slice it down the middle and each half is less dangerous the whole." He pauses, his train of thought looping back a sentence — back to Mr. Gray. "Who else have you told about this?"

Helena considers. "As it happens, somehow Sylar knows about it. I didn't tell him, but he told one of Phoenix's agents. He's real thick to hunt Peter down and do god knows what to him. PARIAH Peter knows that, but Company Peter doesn't. I do intend to warn him. I don't know if Claire realizes or not. The replicator, and a couple of people I trust in Phoenix." She still isn't finished with her laundry list, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Bennet gives Helena another one of his curt nods, deciding to leave it at that. He'll want to start gathering his own intelligence later, but this will have to wait until morning at the very earliest. "What's the next bullet?"

Hana glances at Bennet as he moves the conversation along. The technopath nods once to him, then returns her attention to Helena. Yes, do continue.

"You said there were places where people are being held, as part of the testing." Helena says, fingers absently curling as she rests them on the table. "If we're going to get them out, we need that information. And the training you promised. We've got an op planned that's going to sort of…be our introduction to society at large, serve as a means of seperating us from PARIAH - especially now since they're starting to attack individuals, or are getting framed for it. Our first op is benign, but even if we lend the appearance of non-violent civil disobedients, the assumption of non-violent is a mistake. It's time to get our hands dirty."

"It will take us a week or two to verify what information we have about the holding facilities — the situation may have changed since we last checked, and I don't want HomeSec to catch wind of our little operation here." As for training? Who better to head that up than the ex-Mossad herself? Bennet's eyes momentarily settle on Hana's face, lingering there for just a heartbeat longer than they probably ought before he glances back toward Helena. "Hana will teach you what you need to know," he says. "Rule number one is keeping things covert. When's the earliest you can bring your trusted circle together for a tutorial?"

Helena considers. "Give me a few days to coordinate. We're getting some fresh faces too, but I can hold them off from training if necessary. I'll see who I can pull in when, and work with your schedule, Hana. Some people do have training - Alex is ex military too, and so is Conrad." She looks over at Bennet. "I have one more thing - maybe not so much an issue as a request for advice."

Training. Hana looks right back at Bennet, dark eyes just slightly narrowed. That's right, dump them all on her when you're the one with experience training people. But the ex-operative manages to abide by one of the major rules of leadership — present a united front — and just gives her sometime partner a brusque nod. Her gaze flicks to Helena, who gets a shallower nod in return. "I'll want to talk with you first," the technopath points out.

Bennet notes that look, the corners of his mouth curling up into an expression that might be a smile if it weren't for the complete lack of warmth in his eyes. He doesn't expect Hana to take all of Phoenix under her proverbial wing, of course; they can discuss the details when they're alone and the all-important united front takes a back seat to business. "What's that, Miss Dean?"

"I've got someone in Phoenix who's a holdover from PARIAH days," Helena says. "And the bottom line is, I think she's more harmful to the group then helpful. If it comes down to being necessary, I'm not sure what to do if I need disassociate her from the group without her deciding to go running off to god knows who. And killing isn't an option. But even if I didn't have her to deal with, it's a valid scenario to be concerned about. Do either of you have any suggestions?"

"Loose lips sink ships," Bennet agrees. "I'll talk to her for you, if you'd like. Depending on who she is and what she can do, we might have a position open for her elsewhere — one less tangle in your hair for you to worry about."

"Our daily life is moving people," Hana points out. Well, maybe not so much hers specifically, but the Ferrymen as a whole, yes. "If she's still interested in helping the cause, we may have a better niche for her. If not?" The ex-operative glances sidelong at Bennet; he knows her opinion well enough. Dead men tell no tales. But if Helena's going to curtail their options… "We should be able to get her far enough away as to be out of the picture."

Helena looks relieved. "Her name is Eve Mas. She has prophetic dreams. Sometimes she paints them." She looks to Bennet. "I'd appreciate if you talked to her. To be honest, if you were willing to address Phoenix at large, I don't think that would go amiss. Or at least the inner circle."

Bennet gives a little snort. He recognizes the name, though he isn't sure if now is the best time to tell Helena where he recognizes it from. "Tracking down Miss Mass won't be a problem," he promises Helena. "If we can catch her alone, we'll sit down and have a little chat with her as soon as time permits." Addressing Phoenix as a whole is a little less straightforward, and his body language suggests as much. "I'll think about it."

"Thank you." Helena is grateful, relieved. "That's all I have for now. I'll hear from you when you've got locations, and I'll talk to Hana in the next few days?" she looks between them.

This time, Bennet isn't about to speak for his companion. Instead, he folds his arms across his chest and leans back against the wall, legs crossed at the ankle. Ball's in your court, Gitelman.

Gee, thanks. Bennet looks right nonchalant as he settles in, the cat who just finished eating all the cream, and it really irks Hana no end. But she's learned to settle for casting sharp looks his way. Rising from her seat, Wireless looks to Helena, and nods. "When you're ready," she replies.

"Then I'm done." Helena says simply. She looks between the two of them. "I don't know how you do it." she admits to the pair in frank admiration.

"A lot of smoke and mirrors," Bennet tells Helena with a low chuckle as he pushes away from the wall and turns his attention toward one of the back rooms where, presumably, the safehouse's keeper is waiting. "Watch your back on your way home tonight, Helena." There's a certain sort of tenderness in the man's tone, more evident now that he's choosing to use the blonde's given name. "I don't like what I've been seeing on the news."

The question of 'how' is allowed to slip past on Hana's part. What do you mean, how? She just does. But Noah's words, she can speak to. "Or anywhere else," Hana agrees. Dark eyes glance to Helena. She owes each of them a little planning session, it seems. Which one's first?

Helena nods. "I'll be careful." she promises. The earning of warmth in Bennet's tone brings an unexpected smile on her face, which she quickly gets under control, though it reappears when she looks at Hana - the woman's still a role model. She rises, though pauses to peer at Hana. "What is it?"

"If you just want to talk, I can meet you tomorrow. To organize the the others for training, that'll take a few days." And with that, Hel's out the door.

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