April Bradley

Registry of the Evolved Database

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Name April Bradley Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Forcefield Generation
Gender Female Race/Eth. White
Birthdate January 18, 1985 Age 24
Height 5' 7" Build Average
Eyes Green Hair Dk Brown
Residence Morningside Heights
Employment Company agent
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Engaged
(James Silver)
First Seen April 19, 2009 Last Seen June 11, 2009
April Bradley
portrayed by
Jennifer Connelly



April to June 2009

04/19 Unknown to April, she has an observer. April, April
04/28 Three agents debate how one might be in two places simultaneously. April, Lawrence, Minea
05/02 The NYPD pays a Homeland Security agent a visit. By the way, we found your prints… April, Cassidy, Coren
05/10 The dopplegangers finally come face-to-face when one of them seeks to spring individuals from Company holding. April, April, Edward, Len, Niles, and Reed
05/11 So, what do they do about the jailbreak? April, Len, Minea
06/11 While trying to put herself in the shoes of her doppleganger, a case of mistaken identity results in April Bradley's death. April, Doyle, Niles


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