Harmony Roberts

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Name Harmony Ashley Roberts Aliases N/A
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Induced Radioactivity
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate April 10th Age 25
Height 5'9" Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Currently nomadic
Employment Endgame (Off the books)
Parents Lily Roberts (Deceased)
Stephen Roberts (Deceased)
Siblings Nathan Roberts (Younger Brother)
Marital Status Single Children Lili Elizabeth Roberts
Richard "Ricky" Edward Roberts
First Seen Some People Don't Tuck Like A Turtle Last Seen
Profile Harmony is the daughter of a formerly famous musical couple. A legacy to creative expression through sound. Lily and Stephen Roberts were apart of a rather famous band, 'Authentic'. She was on the path to follow in her parents footsteps, but their deaths made her sink away from the limelight of music. She went into playing small, intimate gigs and DJing at various spots.
Harmony Roberts
portrayed by

Alyson Michalka


RP Hooks

Authentic - Harmony is the daughter of the lead singers of the rock band called Authentic. They were made popular in the late 90's and their music continued to gather a following until their untimely demise a good 6 years ago. If one would like to recognize Harmony as the first child to this legacy, feel free.

American Idol - In an attempt to live up to her parent's legacy, Harmony tried out of American Idol, and didn't quite make it to the top 3. However, she did get into the top 10, which was good enough for her. If you were a follower of the show a few years back, you might know who she is.

KJ - Harmony has her own karaoke equipment which she does host her own show in a few of the local bars, a few nights a week. If you would like to know her from her spots, or would like for her to host a gig for you, I'm sure she'd be cool with it!

Broken Heart's Club - Harmony is every bit of a party gal. She is known to be a little on the free side of things, living fast and hard on the edge, and dragging people in tow with her. Over the course of the years, she has picked up a string of boyfriends and lovers that have had trouble keeping up with her, and as a result, got left behind. Jilted lovers of the past and ex-boyfriends are welcome.


Steven Roberts - Steven Roberts was the lead male vocalist for the band Authentic. For years his band had many number one hits on the rock charts, and he married his longtime friend and band mate Lily. Harmony and Nathan were the products of their love, and the two siblings were brought up in a lifestyle of rock royalty. Steven was pretty strict on inducing music into the lives of his kids, as it was all he had to give and leave to them as a legacy. He had the ability to generate powerful forcefields, which is the thing that saved the life of his two children in the plane crash, yet ending his.
Lilly Roberts - Female lead vocalist and bass player of the band Authentic, Lily married her band mate Steven and produced two wonderful children, Harmony and Nathan. Of the two parents, Lily was by far the most gentle and understanding, usually being the calming factor of the problems within the family. There was a side to her that Harmony never saw. Lily used to be quite a bit like her daughter, a little on the wild side and amorous. It took a man like her husband to get her to settle down, though once she did, things just sorta fell in place. Lily possessed the ability to convert sound into light.
Nathan Roberts - One year her junior, Nathan is the male successor to Authentic's legacy. He is just about all she has left in the world, and the two of them have been rather close. Recently, Nate has made a move from their home state, to NY to pursue his musical career, which puts him close enough to keep her from worrying too much. She is quite glad to have him nearer. He had been hiding the fact that he possessed a telekinetic ability from her for a while, which she took rather well, all things considered.


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