Sabra Dalton

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Name Sabra Dalton Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth.
Birthdate Age
Height Build
Eyes Blue Hair White
Residence Fort Hero
Employment _company Supervisor
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Children
First Seen October 12, 2008 Last Seen
Profile Sabra is a little old woman with enough status in the Company to rate her own personal aide. At present, she has been called in to fill Bob's shoes during his absence — to all appearances, likely a daunting task for the elderly lady.
Sabra Dalton
portrayed by

Fionnula Flanagan



October 2008

10/12 Claudine has the undesired job of picking Sabra up at the airport. Claudine, Sabra
10/13 Sabra pays an unannounced visit to the facility cafeteria. Bryan, Gwendolyn, Odessa, Sabra
10/14 Bryan and Sabra discuss matters relating to Elle. Bryan, Sabra
10/15 Odessa finds a sympathetic ear. Odessa, Sabra
10/16 Peter asks for something to do — and gets it. Peter, Sabra
10/17 Gwendolyn introduces herself to the new director. Gwendolyn, Odessa
10/18 Sabra shares dinner with and makes a request of Dr. Richard Kenneth. Richard, Sabra

November 2008

11/02 Sabra has a little chat with Peter. Peter, Sabra
11/03 Agents Sanders and Wickham get their first assignment as partners. Gwendolyn, Niki, Sabra


ashton_icon.gif Ashton is Sabra's ever-present shadow, who seems to fulfill the functions of aide, attendant, steward, and servant quite capably. He does not speak, and always wears a proper suit.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "I can see I'm going to have to teach [Bob] the meaning of the word 'memo' again. Make a note, please?" — to Ashton, in Now an Errand Girl
  • "You drop by any time, you hear? I promise — cross my heart — not to draft you as my typist." — to Bryan, in The Best Suggestion

Trivia and Notes:

  • Sabra is sufficiently fluent in both English and French that she can think in either — and speak in the other at the same time. If she really wants to be tricky, she can even think in American Sign Language. That's not as easy, however.
  • In addition to ASL, Sabra and Ashton often use a pidgin sign language invented out of their own extensive mutual history.
  • Ashton really is mute. And deaf, to boot.
  • Sabra moves like a dancer. Not a martial artist masquerading as a dancer — just a dancer with decades of experience, and an old lady who uses dance to keep herself in good condition.


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