The List

Over the course of Chandra Suresh's research, he developed an algorithm for identifying possibly Evolved individuals based upon four key genes in the Human Genome Project. The set of people so identified is referred to as 'The List'.

This particular copy of the List is the one in Company files. It includes both the original 36 of Chandra's list and others the Company suspects or has identified independently. This List is NOT synonymous with the official registry of Evolved.

Note: The full List is much longer, including many characters mentioned briefly in the show and more from the graphic novels and webisodes.

OCs who want to or should be on the List / uncovered by the Suresh algorithm need to add the tag 'listed' to their charpage.

Evolved known to have been bagged, tagged, and Marked:

Other Evolved in Company files:

Company Associates that have not been Marked

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