Dasha Gorsky
Dasha Gorsky
Portrayed By Michelle Forbes (suggested)
Sex Female
Status Could be either.
Ability Ask Tuck or Rocket's players
Age 36ish.
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Occupation Former crime maven/Ex-con
Family Rocket Tucker (son), Nataliya Volkov (sister)
Significant Other(s) Gilbert Tucker (ex)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Dasha Gorsky is the daughter of Alexi Gorsky, a crime boss once powerful on Staten Island. Dasha has been in prison (for a debatable number of years) and she would either have been released, or, if she was Evolved, likely broken out in the Moab raid. She is the mother of Rocket Tucker, sister of Nataliya Gorsky (going by Volkov to protect herself) and ex of Gilbert 'Tuck' Tucker. She would work perfectly well as non-Evolved, but could possibly be Evolved if the player wanted. Please contact Rocket or Tuck's players for power ideas.

Dasha is a very strong-willed woman who had the talents to take over her father's crime empire (had it not collapsed.) Prison would not have broken her, nor is it likely to have reformed her too much. She is driven, authoritative and tough.

Character History:

Dasha Gorsky is the daughter of the Russian crime boss, Alexi Gorsky. Her family was very powerful ten years ago. She's no princess, or rather, she's a proper mob princess. She knows what she wants, goes for it and doesn't let anyone tell her no. That's how she got Gilbert Tucker. Despite the fact that their relationship failed, she remains fond of the fence and not just because he is the father of her son, Rocket. The two have a kinship and share mutual respect.
She has three sisters, the youngest of which is Nataliya Gorsky (now going by Nataliya Volkov.) Because of the age difference between the sisters, they were never that close.
If she had simply sat back and reaped the benefits of her father's crime empire, Dasha wouldn't have ended up locked away. But because she put herself right into the fray, she was one of the first bricks to be pulled out of the Gorsky empire. The FBI's organized crime unit caught her in the act. Despite her father's best efforts to bribe and call in favours, Dasha was thrown in prison. She made sure that custody of her son was transferred to Tuck and that he and Rocket would be taken care of. She's spent the last several years in prison (exact number is open to discussion), though that could have very likely saved her life. Most of the other prominent members of her family were wiped out when a rival gang carved up their assets.

Evolved Human Ability:

Up to the player, if any.


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