Raytech Industries
Leadership Richard Ray
Kaylee Ray-Sumter
Valerie Ray
Warren Ray
Founded March 2014
Type Corporation Headquarters Raytech Industries Head Office, Detroit
Raytech NYCSZ Branch Office
Status Active
Contact Ray, Kaylee, Valerie, Warren
Reputation tba


Raytech Industries

Additional Info


Board of Directors

Management Team

Upper Management

Lower Management

  • Bjarni "Barney" Sorensen - Project Manager - Science Division
  • TBD - Public Relations Head
  • TBD - Human Resources Head (Helps out Kaylee)



Team Members

  • Babar "Bob" Barazani - NPC - Security and Kaylee's Bodyguard
  • Lou - NPC - In app - Security and Bodyguard


Science Team


  • Sera Lang - Front Desk Administrator/Secretary




Join Our Team

Would you like to not worry about food shortages or living in a tenement ruin? Are you looking for redemption for past sins, or just looking to make the world a better, brighter place? Do you want to put your evolved abilities to profitable use, or your science skills to work, or just want to hang around in a uniform with a sidearm as security personnel?

Raytech Industries pays well, has a generous benefit package, and a near-assurance of getting involved in some weird-ass shit eventually. We're not even sure if our receptionist really exists, and only one person on the executive board is even 100 percent sure their history is real!

We're looking for:
* Evolved looking to contract our their abilities commercially.
* Security personnel - evolved or non! We have fun toys to arm you with.
* Science and technology sorts - or just industrial! Maybe you're really good at welding or digging!
* Corporate spies. Hey, it's a cut-throat world, and Yamagato is way bigger than us. We need every edge to survive out there.

Basically anyone. Toss us an idea!

Ex-Ferrymen, Ex-Company, Ex-Institute, and Ex-Endgame personnel - and those adjacent - are especially welcome, but not necessary!

Contact Ray or Kaylee today!

RP Hooks:

  • Coming Soon
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