Safe Zone Cooperative
Leadership Cooperative Council Founded 2016
Type Social Outreach Headquarters Red Hook Market
Status Active
Contact Manhattan
Reputation People of the Safe Zone see the Cooperative as a group of like-minded people helping one another survive in the post-war world. They're largely viewed as effective, caring, and helpful people representing the needs and concerns of the Safe Zone's residents. Outside of the Safe Zone, they're either largely unknown or viewed as unimportant.

The Safe Zone Cooperative is a non-governmental council of community leaders living within the New York City Safe Zone with a fluctuating membership averaging 26 members from across all of the Safe Zone's neighborhoods. Cooperative members participate in community meetings led by the Citizen's Watch, a board of 11 senior Cooperative members, to help settle personal disputes and act as a representative of others living within the Safe Zone. Additionally, the Safe Zone Cooperative council acts as liaisons from the community to Yamagato Industries and UN Security Council observers.

The Safe Zone Cooperative is based out of Textile Factory 17 (also be known as the Red Hook Market), which was the former HQ of FRONTLINE-01 andmanaged to survive the war unscathed. They have converted the basement of the facility into a massive marketplace and bazaar for the Safe Zone community and upper levels are designated for meetings and town-hall like events.

Safe Zone Cooperative

Additional Info

Citizen's Watch

The Citizen's Watch are the 11 longest-tenured representatives of the Safe Zone Cooperative, which began as the original members of the Co-op when the Safe Zone was first resettled and has grown to include other members. After the population began to grow, the cooperative expanded its membership and the core founding members and well-recognized citizens remained behind as an advisory council. The Citizen's Watch organizes itineraries for cooperative meetings, negotiates trade with local businesses, and communicates community concerns up to SESA and (in extreme cases of anti-Evolved violence/crimes) UN Security Council observers.

Cooperative Council


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