Eric Doyle

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Name Eric Doyle Aliases Jason Tyminski
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Mental) Ability Puppet Master
Gender Male
Birthdate September 14, 1968 Age 52
Height 5'9" Build Broad
Eyes Brown Hair Salt-And-Pepper Brown (facial; bald)
Residence TBA
Employment The Lighthouse
Parents Deceased Siblings None Known
Marital Status Widower (Meredith Gordon, deceased) Children Adopted Mala and Denisa
First Scene Mad Eve's Demand Last Scene
Profile In another world, a world where the sea swallowed the land, Eric Doyle was a protector of children. It remains to be seen what his role in this world will be.
Eric Doyle
portrayed by
David H. Lawrence XVII

"I heard someone was talking about fighting pirates? How positively Peter Pan of you all…"
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