Robyn Roux

A Record of Seafarers

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Name Robyn Janestine Roux Aliases
Status Evolved Ability Umbrakinesis
Gender Female
Birthdate September 27th, 1984 Age 34
Height 5"5' Build Slender
Eyes Green Hair Blonde
Residence The Arcology
Employment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Parents Charlotte Roux (mother)
Conner Quinn (father)
Marital Status Single Children
First Scene ...The Abyss Screams Back Last Scene
Profile A childish and creative woman, Robyn "Red" Roux is equal parts mischievous and isolationist, prone to pranks and song while she slinks around in the shadows.
Robyn Roux
portrayed by

Stephanie Sokolinski

Et quand le jour arrivera
Je retournerai au ciel
Et je retournerai à la mer

Et la mer va m'embrasser
Et me délivrer chez moi

Rien ne peut m'arrêter maintenant


Corona Radiata
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