Fishing, Moses Style


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Scene Title Fishing, Moses Style
Synopsis Augmentation practice with Gillian and Noriko becomes shopping for dinner (and penguin food).
Date January 8, 2010

Marion Island

Noriko is on the outskirts of the camp that the military has set up on the island. She's bundled up, but fairly warm while she watches some penguins jump into the water to get their food.

The penguins are quite a sight, really. Gillian's not used to the military garb that she's put on for the island, in case there's bad guys jumping out from behind rocks. It's uncomfortable, but she's glad to have the body armor all the same. Getting shot is painful enough without body armor, she thinks it won't be quite as bad with. As long as the rounds aren't armor piercing. There's footsteps that can be heard approuching the outskirt of the camp, getting closer to the water. She got pointed in the right direction, and that's enough for her. "Are you… Noriko— I'm sorry, I can't quite remember your last name."

The voice is raspy, feminine, unfarmiliar. And the woman who spoke has a brand in the same of a V, with helix-like markings coming off of it on her cheek.

Noriko looks over at the woman that has walked up to her, and she ducks her head a little in a nod. "Amagi, but that's alright, about not remembering it. I'm afraid I don't know you either, however, or a name," she says while looking at Gillian. All Sarisa had told her was that she'd be set to work with someone from Argentina.

"Gillian Childs. I was part of Alpha Team, but the Agent lady wants me teamed up with you," Gillian says, looking back out at the water and focusing on one of the penguins for a few moments. "My ability can cause problems for some people, so it's better to practice with them before thrown into a combat situation. So you know what will happen and don't lose control. Or explode into a giant shadow cloud. Which really fucking happened before. Also it killed me once, and I'd like to avoid dying wherever it is we're going."

Noriko listens and smiles faintly while she nods her head a little before she says, "Ahh, you're the augmentor who was mentioned in the de-briefing." Her head cntinues to bob before she adds, "With my ability… you might be more worried about me becoming a giant blob of water, or flooding the island, but… no pressure."

"My sister was a hydrokinetic," Gillian says quietly at the description. The girl does kind of look familiar, but she thinks she'd remember a name like Noriko. "Well, let's try not to flood the island. The basic idea of practice is… see how much of my energy you can handle without losing control. And to not lose control when you get more power. It's kind of one of those… things," she gestures a bit, then moves down. "I can augment from afar, but it's always been strongest when I touch someone. It's— do you sense water? What's the easiest thing for you to do with your ability? The one time I really augmented my sister she blew up the pipes in the apartment and flooded the place."

Noriko nods her head a little and says, "I can sorta sense it, its not something really big, and I wouldn't even call it sensing, its more of a… connection to the water in the air, the water in your sweat." She pauses for a moment before saying, "Well, that last one is a little gross…"

"Everything will get bigger," Gillian tries to explain, though the few times she's experiened the effects of her own power, it'd been very different. And brief. Cause the energy ran out far too quickly. "Everything about your ability will get stronger, and bigger and faster… except your ability to control it. And I can give a little bit of power, or a lot. So— I'll start small, if you're ready."

"Well, nothing against trying a suppose," Noriko responds, she doesn't really remember the night they got Helena, and she was never augmented by Gillian that night. Her eyes looking around the island, before saying, "Well, ready when you are."

"All right," Gillian says, focusing away from the outside world, to the inside of her mind. It's a knot in the back of her head, all tied up and restrained. It takes a moment for it to loosen, a different thread coming out and seeking a target. It's pushed toward the Japanese woman, forging a connection between them. Energy follows, pouring in, like a faucet that suddenly got turned on. It starts as a small stream. A stream of pure power.

Noriko mmms faintly as she feels more power flowing into her. For a woman addicted to power, its like the best hit ever. Her eyes looking around the island as her awareness of the water around her is suddenly expanded, and it does take a lot of her willpower now to try and use all that she can get. "That… is a rush," she murmers, probably just loud enough for Gillian to hear.

"You might want to try doing something with it, get a feel for how much more you can do," Gillian says, opening up the stream a little more, allowing more energy to flow from her. Keeping plenty back for herself. This is just a training. She doesn't need to make herself weak just giving the girl a feel for it. "Just not something that will… explode you into water or flood the island."

"That's the general idea," Noriko mutters as she moves towards the edge of the island. Looking at the water, a smirk forms on her face and she says, "Time to go all biblical." She spreads her arms and the sea in front of her bubbles and froths, before it begins to part, "If you want fish for dinner… now would be the time to get them," she mentions as fish flop on the suddenly exposed sea-bed. Its not a long or wide split in the sea, its probably about five feet wide, and only extends inwards for fifty or so feet. Well, its sorta long, but not oh-my-god long.

"Holy shit," Gillian says, actually smiling a little at the display. Fish for dinner would be better then the MREs, and she learned a lot about cooking fish in Argentina. And… "Hold it there," she says, moving down to the water and going for a couple of the flopping fish. Even as she moves away, the energy doesn't lessen. It gets even stronger. "Now I can bribe a penguin to let me have a hug," she says, pulling the armored hat she didn't even want to wear off and dropping the smaller fish into it.

Noriko grins a little and says, "Never got to do this in Madagascar… always wanted to go fishing this way. See if you can't find a tuna or two." She's able to talk and she widens the crack a little for Gillian, probably best if Gillian doesn't get claustrophobic.

"Aren't tuna really big?" Gillian asks, looking down at the retracting water. It doesn't seem like she's claustrophobic, or at least she didn't hesitate to go out there. In a way she's also trusting the woman to give some warning before she loses it, so she can scramble back. "I also can't get too far out. I need to stay within like… I think about thirty feet. I never really measured, but if I get too far away, I know it'll break. And I definitely can't carry a big ass fish."

Noriko snickers quietly while she stands there, and she nods her ehad a little before she adds, "There are small tuna, but, don't know if there here or not. Doesn't make a difference I suppose, just grab some fish so we don't have to eat any MREs out here tonight."

The bigger fish take a little longer to collect. Gillian ends up dropping some of them as they flip-flop right out of her hands. They're wet! And… wiggly. But they also can't escape when all the water is being held away like Moses. Once her hat is full, she begins to come back, stepping up on the rocks. "I should have brought a net. Or a big bag." Though she'd been hiding in her room for days, she now has a reason to smile. Even if it's the parting of the freaking ocean (for a few feet) and picking fish off the ocean floor. "You would have been useful in Argentina. I almost drowned when we had to cross one of the rivers there."

Noriko nods her head a little and shrugs her shoulders before she replies, "I had fun making a river in Madagascar swallow a boat, and then give it back to us so we could use it. Needed to kill Rasoul's men without hurting the boat." She seems to be a wee bit proud of that, of course, her ability is her pride and joy. "Well, we will at least have something good to eat for one night."

"We can do this again tomorrow, too. With a bag," Gillian says, once she's clear of the area, she looks back out, and then looks back at Noriko. "You might want to bring it back down before I stop augmenting you. I managed to step into the ocean and not get too wet. I'd like to keep it that way."

Noriko nods her head a little and lets the waves once more cover over the area that she had cleared off. Though, she does it gradually, so that there isn't a huge spray of water over everything. "Well, at least we got something good to eat out of it, right?"

Once the water is back down, Gillian ties the knot back up, cutting off the flow of energy. In all honesty it was a small test. "As far as I can tell, the energy comes from me. So when we get where we're going, if I give you too much, I'll be weakened. I'll try to hold enough back that you won't have to carry me."

Noriko nods her head a little as she puts her hair back. "Sounds like a plan to me," she says, before nodding her head to the fish, "Want some help cleaning those?"

"Yes," Gillian says, always willing to shrug off (or share) work. Especially bloody knifey work. Even if she cleaned many a fish while in Argentina. It was what they ate, after all. She had to learn, or not eat. "It was nice to meet you, by the way," she adds on, carrying the hat toward the base they've set up. She'll share the small fish with some of the gathered penguins, but there's not enough big fish for everyone to eat.

Noriko nods her head a little as she walks with Gillian. "Used to clean fish all the time, back when I was a grad student. Was going to school for marine biology." She shares that little bit of information while the walk, seeming to be fairly happy about maybe having made a new friend.

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