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String Theory: Aftermath
Discussion of the setting, characters, and factions of String Theory: Aftermath.
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Discussion of the String Theory: Aftermath setting. Pose questions to staff about world-related details here.
1052by Mt TahomaMt Tahoma
28 Feb 2019 16:20Jump!
Board for individual-level brainstorming and discussion. Where are your characters, what's happened to them, and who are they connected to?
45484by Mecha-TechMecha-Tech
08 Jun 2020 03:53Jump!
A discussion forum for discussing faction-related topics.
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For discussions of the pro-expressive terrorist group, Asar Dinu.
For discussion of the influential group the Deveaux Society.
For discussion of the NYPD and NYPD-SCOUT.
For discussion of the technology company Raytech Industries.
For conversations pertaining to the SLC-Expressive Services Agency.
216by SphynxianSphynxian
03 Aug 2020 21:42Jump!
For discussions pertaining to the Private Military Company, Wolfhound.
243by SphynxianSphynxian
03 Aug 2020 21:53Jump!
For discussions pertaining to the Japanese technology company Yamagato Industries.
19by MagnesVMagnesV
10 Feb 2018 13:47Jump!
A catch-all forum for discussion of minor and non-playable factions.
114by HaganHagan
27 Feb 2018 21:02Jump!
Volume III: Horizons
We are defined by our homes, our attachments, and our connections to one another. What do we become when we are deprived of them? When friends turn into enemies? When homes turn to ash and ruin?
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General discussion for Volume III storyline and non-storyline events and plot.
376by SphynxianSphynxian
26 Jul 2020 22:52Jump!
In a world where Expressive powers never existed, a hint of something supernatural becomes a thread that unravels all of reality.
12by SphynxianSphynxian
31 Jul 2020 10:18Jump!
When a handful of SLC-Expressives lose their abilities overnight a wave of speculation surrounds their unexpected change and what their ongoing transformation into something entirely different means for the future.
11by SphynxianSphynxian
27 May 2020 06:08Jump!
When the only solution to a global crisis is a technology that never existed in this world, some will go to dramatic lengths to prevent the world they know from falling into ruin.
11by SphynxianSphynxian
27 May 2020 06:09Jump!
Still struggling to recover from the Second American Civil War, the Safe Zone is thrown into chaos when a wildfire tears across western New York and begins cutting an unstoppable path east.
11by SphynxianSphynxian
27 May 2020 06:11Jump!
Community Discussions
Community discussion board for String Theory: Aftermath.
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This board is for proposing and discussing significant changes to procedures, processes, programs, or anything else related to the setup/structure of MUX or wiki.
14by BaxtaloBaxtalo
16 Dec 2019 04:25Jump!
This board is for everything else related to the game. If there's something you want to share or discuss without cluttering up the General Discussion section of the +bboards on-game you can post it here. Please stay on topic.
291006by ElledoubleyouElledoubleyou
01 Aug 2020 01:41Jump!
This is the place to post things you would like to see happen involving your characters. These can range from random incidents up through small-scale storylines and plot points, as vague or detailed as befits the objective. If you want to run afoul of the law, get shot, find a friend for your character to hang out with, locate a victim to target, or otherwise arrange any series of in-character events, advertise and discuss it here. If you find a request in here that you can help with, simply post a reply. Please be sure to check back on your requests and responses to see what others have said.
12121by Mt TahomaMt Tahoma
21 Mar 2019 19:28Jump!
Volume II: Resurrection
The Travelers are home, the Hounds have ceased hunting, and the darkest secrets of a forgotten past are about to be revealed...
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General discussion for Volume II storylines and non-storyline events and plots!
311by Ellis-STEllis-ST
18 Aug 2019 02:59Jump!
In the aftermath of a cosmic event, an entity from between time and space has returned to its native timeline. At the same time, one of its former enemies Adam Monroe has been quietly gathering power in the shadows, preparing for a war between those with powers and those without. It is only a matter of time before these two forces collide.
Crito Corporate is one of the largest biotech firms in the world dealing with the bleeding-edge field of biocybernetics. As they rise within their field, competitors like Praxis Heavy Industries and Yamagato Industries are forced to take notice. But Crito Corporate is so much more than a European conglomerate and its end goals are greater than the sum of its many parts…
In the world of competitive fighting, the rise of SLC-Expressive humans has changed the playing field. Audiences no longer crave for the mundane of flesh and bone, but seek loftier heights of entertainment and spectacle. For the rich and the elite, however, refined tastes have been honed to a knife's edge, and what is entertainment for some… is bloodsport for others.
The NYPD ceased to exist in January of 2012 as New York City fell under siege in the early days of the Second American Civil War. Now, seven years later, a new NYPD rises from the ashes of the old with the intention of rebuilding not only their organization, but their reputation. For the members of NYPD-SCOUT, an elite crime-fighting task force, their job is even greater: Face down the greatest criminal elements of New York while maintaining the NYPD's reputation as protectors of the people, not public enemies.
In the wake of spatial-temporal disturbances, SESA must struggle to keep a cover on the existential horror unleashed by the discovery of parallel realities while juggling an increasingly bizarre series of investigations.
Volume I: The Way Back
It's a brave new world, come discuss the future in String Theory: Aftermath!
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General discussion for Volume I: The Way Back
210by FireheartFireheart
19 Apr 2018 06:29Jump!
After Magnes Varlane and Elisabeth Harrison vanished over the skies of Mount Natazhat, they went somewhere. The journey back home to their loved ones would take them to many places glimpsed and rumored, but roads not taken.
846by FireheartFireheart
10 Feb 2019 16:48Jump!
The private military company Wolfhound is responsible for the tracking and apprehending of war criminals across the United States. But after an unauthorized rescue operation led by one of their own puts the organization at odds with their government handlers, Wolfound is put in a difficult position. While at the same time, a ghost from the past steps out from the shadows.
Life is difficult across the New York City Safe Zone, but when food stores already stretched thin begin disappearing, the residents of the Safe Zone must discover the source of this theft and in the process uncover an unsettling secret of the past.
16by AmphiptereAmphiptere
10 Mar 2018 03:19Jump!
Yamagato Industries is a powerful multinational corporation. Were it not for Yamagato's deep pockets, the United States would not be so far on its way to recovery. But wealth, power, and influence all come at a steep price. Any threat to those pillars of industry are dealt with, swiftly.
11by SphynxianSphynxian
18 Oct 2018 19:21Jump!

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