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IC Digests
Section for summaries of IC events.
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Summary of key IC occurrences, by day.
469523by terrenaamahterrenaamah
17 May 2011 19:06Jump!
Daily summaries for A Sound of Thunder 'bright future' scenes.
3641by terrenaamahterrenaamah
14 May 2009 17:46Jump!
Summary of key IC occurrences, by week.
4545by terrenaamahterrenaamah
24 Jan 2010 06:23Jump!
Volume XI: The Hunted
Discussion boards for all things relating to Volume XI.
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Board for planning and implementing story ideas for the Butterflies storyline.
154by bienpensantbienpensant
23 Sep 2010 19:54Jump!
A Brave New World Is Coming...
11by SphynxianSphynxian
05 Nov 2010 23:08Jump!
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This is the place to post things you would like to see happen ICly involving your characters. These can range from random incidents up through small-scale storylines and plot points, as vague or detailed as befits the objective. If you want to run afoul of the law, get shot, find a friend to ICly hang out with, locate a victim to target, or otherwise arrange any series of IC events, advertise and discuss it here. If you find a request in here that you can help with, simply post a reply. Please be sure to check back on your requests and responses to see what others have said. When a request has been fulfilled, please move it to the 'deleted threads' section.
31175by BrythonBrython
23 Feb 2010 23:53Jump!
This board is for faction to-do and signup lists. Not advertising or 'I want to join', but so faction members know what tasks are out there to be worked on for their group, which ones are being pursued, and which are wide open.
15202by (account deleted)
20 Sep 2009 07:24Jump!
This board is for proposing and discussing significant changes to procedures, processes, programs, or anything else related to the setup/structure of MUX or wiki.
668by terrenaamahterrenaamah
04 Apr 2010 06:36Jump!
This board is for everything else related to the game. If there's something you want to share or discuss without cluttering up the General Discussion section of the +bboards at the same time, you can post it here.
791396by AshilynAshilyn
30 Mar 2016 06:13Jump!

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