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Scene Title Fotofit
Synopsis Simon visits the Garden and gets some help.
Date March 29, 2009

The Garden

The living room takes up half of the front of the house on the ground floor. It is beginning to look civilized. The windows are new, the walls have been freshly painted off-white and the floor's bamboo. The place has two mismatched couches and a few armchairs, all well-loved, along with floor pillows in a variety of colors.

It's a blah early afternoon: cold, rainy and gray. The woods, as seen from the front windows, are drab and gray. Even Jezebel's killer spaghetti and homemade garlic bread for lunch really can't improve matters. At least the house isn't filled with bored, shrieking children.

Jezebel is sitting on one of the two couches, underneath one of the afghans. She has a stack of nursery catalogs and hydroponics catalogs on her lap. “I hope you liked lunch.”

Tony gives a lazy grin, "Yeah… yeah… oh.." And he digs in his pocket, "Got some housekeepin' money for you."

Simon typically isn't a huge fan of the bored kids, but lately they have all been happy to not have any excitement in their lives. After the monster attacked, that's all anyone can hope for. Simon hasn't been out of the Lighthouse until now, except to get bandaged up. Perfect timing, too, since Jezebel had just pointed out the hospital to him earlier in the day. Now, the kid is strolling up to the Garden, his whole head wrapped in gauze to keep his busted jaw from moving too much. It looks ridiculous, but it seems to be doing the trick.

Knock-Knock-Knock goes the front door, fist pounding on it incessantly. Simon wants to make sure he's heard, since he himself never really pays attention to the door unless he's expecting someone.

Jezebel gets up, peeks through the window and then answers the door. "Hang on to the cash and the thought," she says to Tony, "that's Simon." She then undoes all the locks and opens the door. "Simon! Apparently I should have worried more about you! Get inside before you get pneumonia. Have you had lunch?"

Tony grunts, and stands up, in order, it would seem, to fail to loom more impressively. At least he's built heavily, so he can manage some sort of brooding presence. Well, in his own mind, anyway.

Simon eyes Jezebel as she opens the door, giving his head a shake since talking hurts so much right now. He walks past her and into the building, looking around for a moment before his gaze falls onto the woman again. He points at his face and lifts his shoulders in a shrug. No need to worry, the action seems to say. He has been taken care of.

Jezebel shuts the door and locks it back up again. "I see your key to the gate works. That's good. Tony, this is Simon, who will be helping out around here once he feels better and has spare time from the Lighthouse. Simon, this is Tony, who helps out a bit and doesn't stay here often enough."

Tony gives a faint chuckle, "Well, someone has to earn a crust, you know what I mean?" He shoves out a hand towards Simon. "Good to meetcha."

Simon turns to regard the older man, then reaches out and takes his hand in a firm handshake. His other hand waves in the air in replace of a "Hey, man. It's nice to meet ya!" He's not totally silent, though, but when he talks it sounds mumbled and people may have to strain to hear him. "What's for lunch," he asks innocently enough.

"Lunch," Jezebel says, "was spaghetti and garlic bread. There are leftovers, if you're hungry. Would you like something to drink?"

Tony takes his hand back, and shoves it, and its companion in his pocket. Okay, he's regarding the younger man thoughtfully. Which is good, right?

Perfect! Those stringy noodles won't make it hard for him to chew at all. "Please," he tells Jezebel in response to her question. If there's one good thing about being hurt, it's that you don't have to feel bad about taking handouts, even something as innocent as a glass of water. "I assume you heard about what happened?" He eyes both of them, Tony a little bit longer, because he can tell he's being studied.

Jezebel shakes her head as she ducks into the kitchen. She returns in a few moments. "Not really, Simon. I heard something about the Lighthouse being attacked. I wanted to drop by, but life got busy here. It'll take time for the water to boil and the spaghetti to cook. What would you like to drink while you wait?"

Tony shakes his head, "I've been keeping my head down in the city, which is great, but it sucks for getting info. What the hell happened?"

"A monster tried to eat all the kids," Simon explains very nonchalantly, before eyeing Jezebel. "Water would be great," he tells her. A hand is lifted to rub against his jaw. He's been pretty quiet since the accident, and doesn't think all this talking it doing him good, but GOD he's just dying to tell someone about what happened that night.

Jezebel nods and returns a moment later with a tall glass of water and a straw. She hands that to Simon. "Hah, I thought we had a straw left. What do you mean, a monster attacked? What did it look like?"

Tony simply nods, looking around, almost as though he expected said monster to appear

"An old, ugly man," Simon explains as he takes the water from Jezebel and sticks the straw in his mouth. Some water is sucked through and Simon looks so happy. Straws really do make things so much easier. When he's done, he explains further. "He looked crazy, like a zombie. Took a chunk out of this girl's shoulder. And man, he was strong," Simon adds, pointing to his jaw as proof.

Jezebel frowns a little. "So I see. How did he look like a zombie? Shambling gait? Bits and pieces falling off? Biting chunks out of people? And for heaven's sake, sit down." She sits down on one of the couches.

Tony adds, "Are we talking just someone looking drugged out of their brains? Or literally zombie?"

When Jezebel mentions biting chunks out of people, Simon points to her as if to say, "That's it!" He follows her to the couch, as well and takes a seat. "Probably not literally," he tells Tony, but shrugs as well, because nothing surprises him anymore. "He was just all, monster-like. And he's still out there. Jumped through the window and was gone."

Jezebel comments, "Hmm. It is possible to drug someone into being a zombie. It involves neurochemistry and a thorough knowledge of some of the plants native to Haiti. I didn't think there was a Haitian bokor up here. About how aware, or self-aware, did this ugly old man seem to be?"

Tony rubs his chin, "You describe him?" A pause, and he looks to Jez, "Is he safe to… uh… .do things around?"

Simon sucks up some more water and raises a brow at Jezebel. She's just full of fun facts. "It all happened so quickly," he tells her, then glances over at Tony, because the answer goes the same for him. The brow remains lifted, curiously. Safe to do what around?

Jezebel nods. "Simon joined the Ferrymen last week, Tony, so go ahead."

Tony nods, slightly, and then says, "Okay… so… how tall was this guy?"

Simon thinks hard for a moment and then says, "I guess about your height. Like I said, it all happened so fast, and he knocked me around so my memory is a little fuzzy." Still, he keeps on thinking, because he wants to give as accurate a description as possible.

Jezebel keeps quiet and lets Tony work. This means she tiptoes into the kitchen to put the pasta in the water.

Tony nods, "Okay. About my height. So… build?"

Simon nods and watches Jezebel walk into the kitchen. When she's gone, he turns to Tony and starts to give as accurate a description as possible. Yellow teeth, crazy eyes, musculature and all. It's not a bad description, but an obvious exaggeration of who really attacked the Lighthouse.

Jezebel tiptoes back out and silently sits down.

And, as each thing is mentioned, it starts occurring on Tony's form. Ooooh, freaaaaaky.

Simon slows down with each addition to his description, because he doesn't like what Tony is doing at all. In the end, he'll end up looking like Christopher Walken, back from the dead, and jacked up on PCP. This causes Simon to leap from his seat and seek out Jezebel for help. "What the hell?" he asks. So it would seem some things still will surprise him.

Jezebel holds a finger up to her lips. "Shh. This isn't as easy as Tony makes it look. Don't panic. It's just an illusion."

Tony says, around fangy teeth, "Aawwww, Jez, you're spoiling the effect. I was gonna say how I was this wicked shapeshifter."

Simon glances between Jezebel and Tony, eyes remaining on the monstrous thing in front of him. Slowly, he sits back down. "Fine, an illusion. I get it, but I don't like it," he says, pausing a moment to give Tony a good look. "Yeah, that's pretty much the guy, so go grab a mirror and please turn back to your handsome self before I flip out on you."

Jezebel laughs and laughs. "You would have, wouldn't you? Tony, sometimes you are a wicked fink." Jez is smiling fondly at Tony, so he can't be in too much trouble.

Tony looks around to Jezebel, "How's your sketching, Jez? Why don't you get a picture together, and we can distribute it, yeah?"

Simon doesn't laugh and laugh because he doesn't find the monster to be funny. In fact, he doesn't think Jezebel and Tony should be getting involved with it, at all. Especially since they're trying to run a safe house. He keeps his mouth shut, though, which helps with the healing process and lets the adults do their thing at the same time.

Jezebel answers, "Eve's the artist in the family," but goes in search of pencil and paper. This doesn't take long. When she returns, she begins two sketches, one of the illusion as a whole and one of just the face.

Tony probably doesn't help matters by posing as Rodin's 'Thinker', followed by 'David'.

Simon watches all of this with a strange fascination. These two are kind of weird, especially Tony, but they're starting to grow on him. He's never hung out with people who make use of their abilities like Tony, and it's a neat thing to watch.

Jezebel tells Tony, "If you don't hold still, you're going to be doing this sketch yourself."

Tony sniffs, and then does indeed hold still. Yep. He's doing the Mona Lisa pose. Kind of.

The poses only make the monster look more creepy to Simon, regardless of how out-of-character they are. Still, he watches the sketching in progress, remaining on the quiet end of things. He drinks some more of his water, waiting for Jezebel to finish up.

Jezebel does her best to work quickly, which is easier when one is more Expressionist than Realist. "Have a look at these," she finally says as she hands the sketches to Simon. "Are these good enough, do you think?"

Tony remains still, waiting for the judgement as to whether he needs to adjust his current appearance

Simon scoots over to take a closer look at the drawing. He nods to Jezebel and scoots back. "I guess that works, but you guys really shouldn't get involved. That - thing - is dangerous. Seriously," he says, looking between the two Ferrymen with fear in his eyes.

Jezebel gets up and takes the sketches to Tony. "Tony? Can you work with these? Simon, Tony's not as harmless as I am. Neither are some of Brian's friends, come to think of it. Don't worry, I won't be going berserker hunting unless I learn how to use a 12-gauge shotgun."

Tony reverts back to normal, in a twinkling of an eye. "Oh yeah. You know, you could really screw with people trying to climb down an illusionary fire escape from the fifth floor."

Simon nods and hangs his head for a moment. "Yeah, I guess," he says. "That guy is going to get what's coming to him. Let me know if you get any information from those drawings," Simon tells the two, standing up as he does. "Do you think I can get that pasta to go? You reminded me that I need to learn to use a shotgun, too."

Jezebel nods. "In fact, it should be done by now. I wish you'd stay here and eat it hot, Simon. It'll taste better that way. I never have any luck reheating spaghetti in the microwave."

Tony says, “Yeah, and besides…. what're you gonna lose by waitin' a couple minutes, huh?”

What is he going to lose? There's a lot to lose. Like the lives of those kids at the Lighthouse, who are obviously considered food by that maniac. Still, pasta does sound good, and Simon isn't eager to go out in the rain. Forgoing the desire to head home and burst into some training regime ala Rocky, Simon just offers a smile and wince. "Sure, you're right."

Jezebel heads off to the kitchen, presumably to go deal with the pasta.

Tony seats himself back down, "So…. I've gotta ask. What can you do? I know about Jez, and believe you me, it has some seriously good sides about it. But what about you?"

"Oh, me?" Simon has actually never been asked that question before, so he's a little caught off guard. "Well, I have, um, really good aim, I guess." He shrugs, knowing it's not the most amazing gift ever, but it's helped him out in the past.

Jezebel returns with a bed tray. On it is a big plate of spaghetti, a fork, and a glass of milk with a straw. Jez carefully places the tray on Simon's lap. "Here you go, although I should make you eat somewhere else. If you get stuff on the couch, I might make you clean it up with the can of upholstery cleaner."

Tony shifts himself slightly along his couch, making space for Jezebel, "Aim, huh? Well, I guess that's got to come in somewhere."

Simon grins and looks up at Jezebel. "I'll be neat," he assures her, looking down at the spaghetti and grabbing his form. He's armed and ready now. To Tony, he says, "Yeah, it does. It made me real good at basketball in High School."

Jezebel smiles back at Simon, then sits down right next to Tony. "I was never good at sports. Science, yes; sports, no."

Tony puts his arm around Jezebel, "Well, I don't reckon I was much good at anything at school!"

Simon eyes the arm around Jezebel for a moment before spinning some pasta around his fork. "Right, well, I wasn't good at sports, either, until my ability popped up. I was super happy at the time," Simon explains as he tries to maneuver the food into his mouth, slowly so he doesn't hurt himself.

Jezebel slides a little closer to Tony when he puts his arm around her. "I'll bet," she says to Simon. "Basketball is sort of fun, except that I'm terrible at it."

Tony makes a little non-commital noise, "Okay… so, we got any idea why this guy wants to eat kids?"

Simon slurps up some spaghetti and swallows it down before he shakes his head at Tony. "No idea," he says when he can. "None at all." Simon looks worried about and can't understand why anyone would want to eat kids, ever.

Jezebel quips, "There's always mental illness as an explanation, but then this would have to make some sort of sense to the guy, if no one else. Was he interested in someone in particular?"

Tony keeps silent, awaiting the response to this one with interest.

Simon shakes his head, "Not that I know of." He's becoming keenly aware of the fact that he honestly knows nothing about what happened that night. Only that whatever attacked was able to cause much chaos and craziness.

Tony says, “Alright… alright. Sounds like it needs looked into. Might be a time for…. " He ponders for a moment, "What's that fat cop called? The one who's on the news, occasionally. Cartmann?”

Jezebel slowly nods, lips pursed. "This is sounding more like mental illness. So we've got him chasing after children in general. Perhaps he thinks he's Baba Yaga, a wicked witch, a zombie or a werewolf. Tony, if you're thinking of Matt Parkman, no one out here needs him running around."

Simon shakes his head more forcefully this time. "Let's not go to the cops. Not now. Listen, it's great that you guys want to help, but I think you should talk to Brian before doing anything."

Tony rubs his face with his spare hand. Oooh, jowly goodness is now sitting on the couch cuddling Jez. "That wasn't exactly what I meant, you know.."

Jezebel just looks at Tony, raising her eyebrows. After a moment, she says, "I know you like taking risks, Tony, but I'll miss you horribly if you turn into this guy's next meal."

Simon looks between the two, silent for now. He works on getting some more spaghetti into his mouth, which takes some concentration.

Tony flicks back to his normal look, "Well… if you're sure you don't want me to… but it's kind of a small risk to be a cop, if one's needed. Specially when I can step behind a corner, and be a random joe.."

Fade to black…

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