Happy Homecoming


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Scene Title Happy Homecoming
Synopsis Phillip and Yana meet on the balcony at a fancy party, and Yana manages to place a little bit more weight upon his already heavy heart.
Date May 10, 2011

Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is sponsoring an event to raise funds, which is done whenever a suitable piece is added to their collection. It is a chance for the upscale individuals to get together, make connections and get to see who is who with the upper crust. It is a little bit before evening, given the presence of curfew, and the turn out is rather impressive. There are political officials, small time celebrities, old tycoons and the top medical researchers and surgeons present. The halls decorated to suite the event in a banquet fashion, complete with a small band to play on the side for a bit of dancing. Men with their trophy wives and young daughters, sometimes their sons, in hopes of forming unions with other families between their offspring. Everyone dressed to the 9's, most in more neutral colors, darker or just not all that eye catching.

However, there is at least one bright red dress in the crowd, a beautiful evening gown of the finest silk, flowing like chocolate down her slender legs, with splits along the side to allow for skin to show. The front of the dress decorated in sparkling gems, the likes of which match the diamonds hanging from her ears and dangling at her neck.

Yana stands, as the owner of that dress, in the center of a small group of older men who appear to be talking to her just as much as they are looking at her. The woman is very graceful and manages to converse easily with all of them at once. Though she seems to be without escort from the looks of it. No proper man would let a woman like that leave his side to be surrounded by others in such a way.

"It is unfortunate your father could not make it, my dear. I had been dying to see if he had improved his golf swing." One of the older men speaks to the woman. Yana herself chuckles charmingly, reaching to lay her slender fingers just below her neckline, making the man blush a bit.

"My father regrets having to miss the event, though he and my mother are on a much needed vacation in the islands. I hope I can act as a suitable representative in his stead. I'm not too repulsive, am I?" she jokes with him.

"On the contrary!" the man raises his glass to her and sips, the others giving a bit of a chuckle.

Yana gives a smile to the group and a small nod, "Gentlemen, if you will excuse me a moment. A lady's prerogative.." she says before elegantly slipping away from them. She does what she can not to show her boredom even if she put up a front of being entertained. Though a proper person could see through the guise she wears. The woman is lacking excitement at this event.

Having attended these events for many years, Phillip, who wears a stylish tuxedo, is no stranger to the proceedings. Though he's not been to one in Manhattan for some time and familiar faces recognize him often before he does them.

His father and mother both attended these gatherings often, especially since his mother organized several charity events before the bomb, even before 9/11. But now all that has passed and his parents are missed.

Phillip addresses many former and reunited connections with a glad hand and a welcoming smile. He relays his story, how LA has been his stomping grounds after Harvard, and now he's back to see to some business ventures. Some fond memories shared, haven't seen you in ages, and so on. This doesn't bore Phillip one bit, and he takes advantage of every opportunity presented. Even one that sees him venturing out onto the balcony with a female companion whom he knew 'back in the day'.

Private conversations last just as long as they should and she excuses herself to venture back inside leaving him alone upon the balcony where he looks out over the city with eyes that reveal reflective thoughts. The Champagne glass in his left hand is sat upon the balcony's stone railing and he sighs in consideration of something that weighs heavy upon his shoulders.

Hmph. Old vultures.. circling around her like a fresh kill. She did wear that dress to be seen, and ogled. She just doesn't have to like it, only act like she does. She has half a mind to infect them with the newly crafted H5N10 the next time they touch her. Older rich men, all that money? Their immune systems are probably prime for such infections. Ohhhh how easy it would be for her. But she would have to endure their company for a bit longer than she would like, in order to deliver her toxic touch in that way. So she escapes, for a bit of fresh air to the balcony, where hopefully there would be no crowd wanting to take up her attention, and ask her things about her father that she does not quite know.

The fact that there is no ring on her finger attracted them all the more. On her way out, she slips a flute of Champagne from the tray of the waiter carrying them around, her fingers softly playing over the glass as she almost floats onto the balcony in that dress. Passing the woman going in, on her way out. She looks up to spot Phillip looking like he is someplace else, like she is currently. Curiously, she moves to the edge of the balcony, a few feet away from him, yet enough for her visage to be caught by his eye as she looks out, sipping her drink. "It's almost much better out here." she states almost longingly, "Excellent view of the city, storybook atmosphere.. I fell in love with Gregori in a place just like this."

Hearing the approach of another and then her attempt to engage in casual conversation, Phillip only turns his neck to give a slight nod and say, "Lovely evening." in a formal and greeting tone. His hands are found upon the stonework of the balcony's rail, palms down, wider than waist width. His gaze returns to the city as he states, "Storybook for sure. Almost Harlequin."

The balcony isn't very high. A story or so at most. It gives a view of the people below going about their business in addition to the beauty up above. A person passing by underneath gives a rattling cough into their hand as they scoot along their way. Such sounds draw Yana's attention quickly, lifting her gaze to watch them trek down the street, wondering and possibly hoping that it is apart of her handiwork.

After a few moments of watching, she lets the slightest of smiles grace her lips, "Harlequin? Interesting choice of genre. You have taste." Yana mentions, finding his description of the atmosphere acceptable. Which is important. "I don't believe I have seen you around these functions before. Are you perhaps new to the city?"

Phillip smiles at her remark about the Harlequin and with her additional engagement, he turns to face her fully, giving her the attention and respect she's requesting with her pursuit of words, "I grew up here. Upper East Side. Managed to make my escape after college and landed in LA. Thought I'd come back and visit. I'm Phillip Solomon." he offers his name, but not his hand, it would be impolite to reach for a woman's hand who doesn't offer it first.

Likewise impolite of her not to offer her hand to a gentleman when giving her name. Slender fingers lift as she speaks, with her palm pointed down. Even the position the delivers her hand over shows the very refinement of her upbringing. Her wrist is lax, yet still controlled without being truly limp. "Dr. Elvira Blite. But please, call me Yana. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Solomon, and we're all no doubt happy to have you revisit our fair homecity." We being a general term. She smiles so easily, masking away all of the terrible things she has done, even recently.

Taking her hand, Phillip welcomes the gesture and will disengage shortly after saying, "Thank you, Yana. And it's Phillip. What is your doctorate in? Or practicing?". He will not break eye contact as that would be rude and he will maintain a slight lightness to his expression, one of interest and peace.

"Virology." Yana answers, letting her hand return to her side, resting against her hip, "I work for the Commonwealth Institute, close to the Department of Evolved Affairs. I graduated not all that long ago, but I have already made many groundbreaking advances in my career." another lift of the glass to her lips, a sip of the alcoholic liquid. "Vaccines for viruses that were proving quite difficult to develop. It's.. going to be a busy month I believe. With the threat of the recent epidemic?"

"Impressive." Phillip states in a impressed tone. Then he fades his voice some as he reaches the latter topic, the one that falls under current events, "I'd heard about that. Though I was under the impression that the government has it well in hand. Or so I hope. Definitely nothing to sneeze at."

The government having it well in hand hits her with something of a sour note, though she doesn't quite make it known other than the pursing of her lips. Her eyes wanting to say more words than her mouth actually speaks, "The government is only taking action on this, because the virus no longer targets solely Evolved individuals. It started with the host range mutating to infect both Evolved and non, and then the most recent strain has done a complete 180. I.. haven't quite gotten to do research yet, but if I have to guess, Evolved are actually able to carry the virus. The virulency of this strain is far more potent than it's predecessor. I have my doubts that the government can contain it." Because she is a walking house for the very virus. If they get it contained, she'll just start it up somewhere else. Not as localized and cut off from society this time.

Phillip shows a sign of concern as her words unfold, "So if what you say is true, and if the government cannot contain it…" he pauses and realizes this sounds like a movie plot he's already read a dozen times, "We're speculating on the end everything we know. Essentially, the Evos that survive will struggle in some post apocalyptic world seeing them scattered all around the globe."

Yana does not appear to be to confident about that result. She has a different ideal in mind, as do her cohorts in this little venture. "I wouldn't go as far as to say that," she smirks, as if the whole notion of their discussion is silly, "Evolved are people, just like non-Evolved. They are capable of normal feats as well as greater feats with their abilities. They are also capable of the same faults, just like any person you might find in there.." she gestures back to the party, "Non-evolved of course. We don't really know just how many Evolved are in the world today. Sure, the registration marks a small percentage of them, and solely in the United States, but what about other countries? And what about the ones that are afraid or refuse to register? They could number just as many as those that are non-Evolved. No.. the world would survive as it is without one or the other I believe. But that is just speculation."

Phillip takes her remarks into consideration, reflects upon them but won't turn this into a speculative argument. Instead, he submits and turns to look out over the street/sidewalk below, "Either way, a significant change from the way things are today."

"Indeed." Yana gives a single nod, "I hear from this person and that person that the government started the initial H5N10 as a weapon against Evolved, and several organizations have used it as such. Well.." she turns her eyes to the remaining bubbly in her glass, swishing it around a little. "If that is true, then perhaps this change is the initial evil they inflicted, coming around to bite them. Now that they are forced to stand and take action, perhaps some of the things previously in the dark will be brought into the light. I for one would like to know what would be going on behind my back, or infront of my very face without my knowledge. But then.." she smiles, "I don't scare very easily."

Trying not to let her words weigh heavily upon his already troubled conscious, Phillip turns with her last comment about not scaring very easy, takes her frame into consideration and smiles, "I'll bet you don't."
Then takes a cleansing breath as he fully turns back to her and says in closing, "It was lovely meeting you, Yana. Now if you would excuse me, I should be going."

Yana stands smooth and quite proper upon the balcony flat. A book cover painting, with the right moonlight. Confidence and poise with her shoulders up, and her spine properly straight. All signs of her refinement. She gives a charming smile at his comment, using her eyes to express the pleasant emotion. She puts up a good face, like she is filled with them, on a daily basis, masking the cold truth. "Of course." she gives him a courteous nod, which somehow comes off as a small fraction of a curtsy gesture without actually doing it. "It is refreshing to talk with someone my own age, and about things other than what they're worth. Enjoy the party, and your visit."

With a nod, Phillip states, "Quite." - a term of agreement with her prior statements and will close as he begins his parting, "Good evening to you." then will move from the balcony back into the gathering to return to his glad handing while making his way from the museum.

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