Heeeey Lady!


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Scene Title Heeeey Lady!
Synopsis Conrad pickpockets the wrong lady and gets himself a date
Date December 4, 2008


Though it's less than two miles square, Chinatown is home to some quarter of a million residents. Cramped, ancient tenements are the norm, though the fourty-four story Confucious Plaza standing at the corner of Bowery and Division does boast luxurious accommodations by comparison. Mulberry Street, Canal Street, and East Broadway are home to streetside green grocers and fishmongers, and Canal Street also boasts an impressive array of Chinese jewelry shops.

Sprung from fedsitting for a little bit, and in need of good food, not hotel food Minea's gone out and filled her stomach on the delicacies of chinatown. She's never been this end of town yet so it's all been a delightful evening. Jeans, boots, white shirt and brown leather jacket. A small bag of various items from the market, whatever still open and a chinese umbrella clutched in hand to send back to a niece. She may be off babysitting duty but she's still watching around her, keeping an eye on the populace as she weeds past them.

A guy wearing a Seattle Seahawks jacket comes out of the crowd near Minea and bumps right into her because he wasn't looking where he was going. "Aw shit." he says, one hand coming up a second after he's bumped into her, as if to say he's not guilty. "I'm sorry. You okay?" Other hand comes up too a little after. And yes, Minea is getting quite the impressed look from him even though he sounds sincerely apologetic.

it's not hard to spread ones feet, find the center of balance after being jostled. Nor is it that hard to feel the two hands. The one she see's and the one she doesn't. "That's okay" There's a sweet look on Minea's face in return to Conrad's, quickly followed by the purple chinese umbrella, still folded come down at the side of his head. "I'm sorry for that too. Give me back my fucking keys, before your chew my gun barrel" The arm that lifted up to hit him with the umbrella gives a glimse of something in a holster just between chest and armpit that the jacket was tailored to conceal.

*kchink* "Ow! You crazy bitch! I said I'm sorry!" Con protests, fending off the umbrella with his hands as best he can. If the threat of a gun has any effect on him, he doesn't show it just yet. But there was that definite kchink sound, of keys jingling somewhere. So yeah, somewhere are the keys.

"You chose the wrong bitch to pickpocket" The bags are dropped, there's nothing fragile in them, and the umbrella was cheap and can always be replaced as it's tossed to the ground. A few people are looking but carrying on their way. Minea's brown eyes are narrowed. "Last chance, pass them over asshole. There's less weight in my pocket. So, pass me my keys and you can keep the breathmints and the buck eighteen. Deal? Or I'll be making you chew pavement instead of my gun, and i'll be dragging your ass to the local precinct" Sincerity rings in her voice.

"But I didn't take your money." That much is true. Con says, grinning now, "And you don't need breathmints anyway." Then suddenly he bolts and takes off running down the sidewalk, hauling ass through the crowd like a pro. This is someone who's run from cops before!

Thank god she's not wearing those heels from before. Minea's bolting as well, just as soon as he does. This is someone who's chased before. Though usually for completely different reasons. There's people scattering in his wake and she easily follows, her boots thudding along behind her. "I told you, you only had to give it back asshole"

People do what people do in New York when there's obviously been a criminal act. They pretend not to notice anything going on. They turn into cattle chewing their cuds. Con rounds a corner into an alley, still going strong. He doesn't so much as look over his shoulder, plenty able to hear the woman keeping up with him. Eerily his voice comes from nowhere around her, saying, "Man, you're good. Most people would've quit chasing by now." The voice doesn't sound out of breath or anything. Probably because it wasn't made with Con's actual voicebox.

Coming up on a dumpster and a fence blocking the alley, Con has to stop. He probably COULD scale the fence, but doesn't even try. As close as Minea is behind him she'd get him easy if he did. So he whirls and faces her, grinning. "Well…" Out of breath now, using his real voice, "…you're gonna hate me…but…I dropped yer damned keys when you hit me with the umbrella…" Then he starts laughing.

Minea rounds the corner, eyes narrowing at the sound that's near her, but not. SHe' snot giving up, she wants her keys back. Then she's gonna nail the bastard. She wasn't letting someone walk away with THAT car. But he's stopped, he's not running and she slows as she comes near him, only to hear him say those fated words. There's no umbrella this time, and there's no gun in her hands. Instead there's an elbow heading for his nose and a knee going to his guts.

Oh hell no! Con may not be the finest fighter in the world but he knows his way around street brawling. What sucks is his attacker obviously does too, so while he manages to messily block the elbow to his face enough that it doesn't break his nose, the knee catches him good in the gut. "Ulp! 'kay, backoff! Aww hell that hurts…" He says weakly, standing but bending somewhat because of the pain.

"Do this often prick? Go around pickpocketing women? Men? That how you make your living? How about this time I pickpocket you hmm? Hand over your wallet" She stays poised, ready to go another round if need be. She's not bringing out her ID yet. Not unless she needs to. "I want to see some ID. Cause you picket the wrong person to do this shit to"

Shaking his head, Conrad raises a hand and waves Minea off, saying, "All right all right here's your stupid keys." He takes the keys out of his pocket and tosses them on the ground at her feet. Clearly the thing about dropping them was a lie. "Take em and go, lady. Sorry I pissed you off, but it's time to drop it."

"I don't think so. No want to know who's head I smashed my niece's present. Or do I need to flash my own badge asshole" The keys are staying where they are right now, she's not bending over to get them. "You wouldn't like that car anyways. Or maybe you would"

"Don't care what kinda badge you got. Listen, you were supposed to go back, look for em, I'd vanish and leave em on the ground, everybody goes their separate way. Don't make it nasty, lady." Damn. Is she seriously gonna make Conrad have to get violent? Here he is trying to talk her down! "I didn't make you hit me with that stupid umbrella anyway." At this point he's literally in a corner between the alley wall and that fence, open palms toward Minea.

"Sorry to disappoint. Like I said, you fucked with the wrong woman. Shoulda picked the third one to my left, the little blonde with the heels. Not the leather jacket and boots. Now pick up the keys and pass them to me. No funny business, and i'll walk away and you can back to picking your nose and finding another mark. I'll be lucky if my fucking stuff is still where I dropped it. Thank you for putting crimp in my evening" Her hands in reach of her gun and her hand is held out.

Conrad opens his jacket to let Minea see he isn't strapped. Doesn't have anything on in there. No guns, no visible knives. "You're the big bad man with the gun. You get em. I'm not threatening you. You've already hit me twice, lady. Take em and go. I'm not doing shit."

'Big bad woman. I never said I was the Man" She bends at the knees, back straight, gun pulled from it's holster and pointed at conrad. Her other hand closes around the keys and she starts to straighten up."Just said I was the wrong woman to do this"

Con just continues to stand there, hands up and waiting. "There you go. You got your keys. What're you gonna do, shoot me? Get outta here. I'm sorry we met."

"Not me. Tell your friends you got beat up by minnie mouse. Next time you try this and I catch you, you're gonna be missing a kneecap" Minea puts the gun awa, clipping it back into her holster "Fucking asshole. Thank you, thank you very much" She walks backwards then, a few steps before turning her back, shaking her head, but prepared if he makes a move.

Conrad lets himself relax a little and puts a hand on his gut where he was kneed. "Aww…god damn." He waits until she's a good enough distance away that she has to turn around before going, "Hey! Wanna go out sometime!?"

"Sunday, 10 pm. Lusty Wench. I hear the screwdrivers are great." Is thrown back. 'Be there, in your own car. Show up in my Malibu and i'll kill you" And then she's disappearing around the corner.

Blink. Mouth open. He was really just mouthing off but…wow. "O-okay…" says Conrad distractedly. Huh.

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