On Swapping Templates

In order to transfer your character information into the new template:

  • First, copy the source code from the collapsible block:
  • Second, open the editor for your character page. Paste this source code into the top of the editor.
  • Scroll down the fields and fill in what you can right away (things like name, gender, ethnicity, PB).
    • DO NOT, under any circumstances or for any reason, remove any of the existing ==== dividers. Ever.
    • Don't add more within the body of information, either.
    • You may remove the comments, but it's not recommended.
  • Copy relevant sections from the older template below and paste them into their spaces on the new.
  • Erase the top half of the old template (the infobox, history/personality/ability sections).
    • If you changed the order, you may have to be a little more careful about what you delete!
  • Leave everything else at the bottom.

If you try to preview at this point, it will look — well, exactly like the source code. The page has to be renamed in order to display correctly.

  • At the bottom of the page, click '+ options' and then 'rename'.
  • Type 'char:NAME' into the field, e.g. 'char:Tamara'.
    • DO NOT so much as click on 'show dependencies'. You do NOT need to change any of these.
  • Save the new name, and make sure everything displays correctly after the page reloads. If it doesn't, check the troubleshooting section or talk to one of the local wiki experts.

While you're still on the page, double-check to make sure you have all of the appropriate tags. A list of tags to choose from is provided here.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page; there should be a series of lowercase links at bottom left.
  • If there are none, or if the list isn't accurate, click on the 'Tags' button and add or remove as appropriate.

Now you need to set up a redirect, so that plain [[[NAME]]] links will still point to your [[[char:NAME]]] page.

  • Open the Characters page.
  • Enter your character's name in the right-hand box and click 'Add New Redirect'.
  • Type your character's name where prompted in the module and save the page.

That's all there is to it!

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