Location Wiki Pages


Wikipages should be created in the location: category for prominent locations, faction headquarters, businesses, and places that are available to the general playerbase for RP. Using the 'add location' field below will automatically apply the category for you.

Personal residences do not receive dedicated pages. Players may add new pages for approved locations, such as businesses their characters run or are employed by.

All location pages must be parented to the appropriate area so they will display correctly in the directory.


Tags are used to toggle features on the location display template and also determine its listing in the type directory. The following tags may be applied to location pages:

affiliated Enables the "Affiliation" field on page.
area Enables the "Locations" listing on page.
business-entity Enables the "Employees" field on page. Also places in "Business" directory if no type tag is set.
entertainment Type tag for locations dedicated to socialization and recreation.
government Type tag for governmental and other official facilities.
housing Type tag for long-term to permanent residential facilities.
neighborhood Type tag for community districts.
public Type tag for public facilities, parks, museums, etc.
restaurant Type tag for locations serving food.
school Type tag for all levels of educational facilities.
service Type tag for locations that provide services.
shop Type tag for locations that sell goods.
abandoned Type tag for places that have been abandoned but are not necessarily damaged.
destroyed Type tag for locations taken out of commission by damage done.

Typically, a location should receive only one type tag, whichever is most descriptive of its function. Abandoned and destroyed may be stacked on top of other tags.


The descriptions, tags, and other content of location pages should be updated as necessary to reflect IC events. If unsure about whether or how best to update a page, contact staff.

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