Honorary Blonde


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Scene Title Honorary Blonde
Synopsis A bright, somewhat cynical ex-model pitches an idea to a not-so-bright, wide-eyed current one.
Date March 14, 2009

Nalani's Offices

Early afternoon. Pause Magazines floors. Within one of the dedicated studios for photoshoots, Nalani stands at a table, a array of computer screens in front of her that are depicting the images that are being taken by the camera. Lori with two other socialites of high stature in the city are preening in front of the camera in some of the upcoming season's fashions. "I need more energy, Robert. Lori, smile more with your eyes, Jasmine, Mila, can you show more shoulder?" The plaster encased wrist is up, forefinger strokes her lower lip in thought.

Lori smiles as asked, and strikes a stance, shifting her shoulders a bit as she tries to comply. "So what issue is this for again?" Not like she pays a WHOLE lot of attention.

"June. Lift your chin just a little. Oh, perfect, Robert, just like that. We can throw up the smoke behind them. I'll make sure you get an advance copy Lori, all of you, and a set of pictures thrown your way for your sites." Fansites. Socialites. At least Nalani hasn't fallen into that habit of making a site dedicated to just herself. "Any plans this weekend?"

She looks back to Nalani. "June…what story?" She can't remember. "But that's cool. And I was thinking about flying down to Mexico, maybe. Why, do you have something going?"

"I have nothing. Some fundraisers to attend, but that's all. No story. Remember, your displaying the fashions for the fall" lori. Lord. Nalani sighs softly, mostly inwardly rolling her eyes at the short length of time that things remain in Lori's mind.

The model/actress wannabe smiles, and she changes another pose. "Oh, then you should come with me! We could go down to Mexico together! Or Florida, if you wanna stick closer."

"I can't just up and go to Mexico, Lori. I have commitments." Irritation flashes across the older former model's face. "More to the left, some more leg. Mila, go try on the cavalli. Jasmine, get close to Lori, like you're best friends"

Lori bares a bit of leg. "Sure you could! You have a cell phone, it's not like I'm talking you being out of touch with the world or anything!" She moves in closer to Jasmine. "Or we could do a New York get-together."

When Lori's older and less blonde she'll comprehend. "Or alternativly, you could attend the fundraisers and help gain a bit more publicity for the charities that they're for. Who knows what generosity you'd inspire to all your legions of fans. Throw your arm around Lori's shoulder, Jasmine, smile wider."

Lori makes a face. "Is it going to be a bunch of business types, or is there going to be something fun going on?" Because the former makes her want to chew off her ankles. "What are the fundraisers for, anyway? What causes?"

"I think one is a circus theme. Which means they'll have entertainment as well as things to do instead of just sitting down and watching people give speeches and people writing cheques. That's better. Jasmine, Lori, you can go try on the other dresses, don't forget the short jackets. Mila, Robert's going to take some of you by yourself" She turns, leaving Robert up to it. "Have you read your interview in the magazine yet?"

Lori blinks. "Oh! That could be fun. Circuses are pretty entertaining." She moves to head behind the screen to change. "Ooh, solo pictures! And I did, I thought it turned out really well! Was there any feedback?"

"The mailrooms had a few letters come in, there were a few addressed to you, but should be forwarded by now if not tomorrow. All positive so far. Someone asked where they could get a copy of that tape" that's tossed out there, more just to see what the other woman was going to say.

Lori makes a pouty face at that. "Well, I was hoping that people would say something about it when they talked to you. And—" Blink. Blink. "Oh, no, not THAT thing again. They didn't!"

"I've been a little busy Lori. I've had my home broken into twice this last week and been injured the last time. A horror, having to deal with the police over and over. He put a HOLE in the floor in front of my condo" Annoyance, sheer annoyance in the womans body as she turns to look at the new pictures coming up. "Did they get the right size? and yes, yes they did"

The model gasps! "Oh no!!! What happened?! Are you okay?" Silly question, given that she said she was injured. "What happened to you? Why did someone break in? And I think so?" The short dress is tight over her derriere…but most things are.

The unladen hand waves off the concern. "Jewels, money, what they always go for. The police were prompt. Evolved even, he was just… tearing up the floor Lori, like it was styrofoam" Nalani shakes her head, a little turn a round motion with her hand as makeup and hair stylists descend to touch up.

Lori looks concerned. "You should run an article on the Evolved." she says, looking back as she tries to both talk and hold still for makeup artists. "That's a real hot topic issue right now. I bet it would sell magazines."

"I have to be careful Lori. I can't slant it either way. besides, the spread you were in was heavily evolved if you didn't notice" Likely not. "I featured heavily, registered Evolveds who were in high positions and even demanded that action be taken on Staten Island. Maybe in a few months, I'll do something. Till then, I'll keep the focus on fashion, where to eat, and our lifestyle."

Please. That would require having more braincells than a thimbleful. "Well, it was just a suggestion. I mean ever since the bridge, everybody's all afraid of them and stuff. So." She smooths the dress a bit. "Is this too short?"

"For you? No" Nalani shoos the socialite up onto the backdrop to get her own pictures alone while she turns her attention to Stephanie who's appeared at her side with some folders with things for her to sign and look over.

Lori moves up onto the area with the backdrop to strike a pose. "I guess I could do the fundraiser things. I mean, if I'm with somebody I know, it might not be too dull."

"Bring someone. I'll have an invitation sent. For you and a guest" Nalani looks over to the other two. "You both as well, can't hurt. Think of the publicity"

Lori pouts just a little…which still makes a good shot. "I meant -you-! We could go together! It would be fun!" Oh, yeah. If Nalani can put up with sitting next to the incarnation of vapid a while.

"I already have a date for it Lori. Doctor Mohinder Suresh" The evolved scientist, who's father was the word of god on the subject. "Go with Mila and Jasmine. The three of you on the walk in, good opportunity"

And competition. Lori pouts again, but nods. "All right….well, I'll give it some thought." She seems less willing to go without something pre-arranged. "Thanks, though."

"Your welcome" There, pesky papers signed, Stephanie is shoo'd away and some little lackey comes flying through with a hot starbucks for Nalani as she's back to perusing pictures taken, the photographer giving direction to vapid socialite. "Maybe you can write an opinion piece Lori. On evolved. We can read it over, see if it's fit for the magazine" It's a serious offer, seen in the line of her body, no hint of mockery or jest.

Lori blinks in surprised. "Me write an article? But I'm not a writer. And I really don't know much about them."

Nalani says, "Surely you have an opinion. You're the one that suggested that I write something. I'm not a journalist either, yet I managed to do something" Nalani looks over expectantly as Robert calls a stop to everything. Got what they want and need."

The socialite gives it a thought. "Well, I guess…" she steps down off the platform. "I mean, all I know about them so far is that they're pretty scary. But I'll try to figure out something and write it up."

"Do some research. Ask around. your mind is used for more than sitting in that beautiful body of yours. Prove that you're not some vapid socialite who just cares about getting her ass in pictures" Oh snap, but bang on. Come on, surely there's SOMETHING in that head of hers. Would help with Lori's image and likely maybe, if her editors fiddled with the words enough, it might get a big circulation for that issue.

The brunette socialite thinks about it, and then nods. "I'll give it a try. Do you have any that I can interview, and talk to? Who weren't in your last issue? Cause that could be cool."

Nalani furrows her brows, in as much as one can when they're botoxed to hell and back. God bless plastic surgeons. "I'll have Samantha dig up some names, likely someone from SCOUT. Or they'll know someone"

Lori beams. "That sounds awesome. Thank you, Nalani. This is gonna be a great idea!"

"No promises it'll make it in, but it can't hurt. perhaps it'll help Hollywood take you seriously" Appeal to the woman's self interest, and what she's been wanting. 'I have to go Lori, I have meetings. Set up a meeting with Stephanie, she'll run you to the appropriate people here and they'll help you find someone." Nalani sways over, dropping a kiss to either of Lori's cheeks. "Take care. Don't be like me and get your house broken into repeatedly"

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