Humanis First Propoganda

National news media outlets refuse to play the broadcast in its entirety, however all national media is reporting that an allegedly unregistered Evolved named Peyton Whitney (who's face becomes plastered over the news overnight) has been abducted by the radical anti-evolved terrorist organization 'Humanis First!'. The video, which national media only shows in part, depicts Peyton in a concrete room, holding up a newspaper dated August 13th while reading a manifesto on Humanis First's behalf.

Whitney (20), has now landed in the middle of a media firestorm, as Humanis First claims that they will execute Whitney and release the video of her death to the public as a "message" if the Suresh Memorial Center is not shut down by the 20th.

The video, in its entirety, is available in countless locations on the internet, and views as follows:

A blank screen stays for a moment, followed by a fuzzy and out of focus image of someone kneeling. As it comes into focus, Peyton Whitney's mascara-streaked face is clear to see. Her eyes flicker to somewhere off-camera, then to another location out of sight, before looking back directly at the camera with a frightened, vacant stare. She swallows, and her hands shake, a newspaper dated August 13th held in her hands fluttering from the movement. Her voice is rough and tremulous: "I am an abomination against humanity. I am a genetic aberration. I am someone's unwanted child." That gets a sob from her.

She takes a breath and speaks louder. "I am a monster, like ones in old storybooks, brought to life. You call us Evolved, and we want you to, as if we were better than humans. But we aren't, we're degenerates, we're no longer human, and yet we fight for your living space. we fight for your jobs. For your rights."

Her tears are clearly making it hard for her to read, and she shakes her head, eyes blinking. "We try and un- un-" she pauses, frowning at her stammering, "usurp everything that's yours. We do not deserve this world. We were not here first. It is time for the humans of America to rise up together and join together. No boundaries of race, or religion, or political outlook. Humanity is facing a great, and terrible crisis. My kind."

Peyton looks off-camera again, her brows knit as she tries not to sob. It's clear in the presentation that she was forced to do this. That she does not believe in it. "Stand up and take arms, and cleanse our genetic waste from the world. Before we turn one of you, into one of us."

The video then cuts to a man in a black balaclava mask and urban camouflage holding up an American flag. "We will execute Peyton Whitney on August 20th if the Suresh Memorial Center does not close its doors for good. We are your sons, your daughters, your policemen and your saviors. We are Human. Human. Is. First."

The national news media is flooding the airwaves with images of Peyton's tear-streaked face from this video, and her disappearance from a bar in downtown New York City is cited as a "part of the growing escalation in anti-evolved crimes." Due to her not being included in the video, Wendy Hunter's disappearance with Peyton is getting hardly as much news media coverage.

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