Hung Up Twice


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Scene Title Hung Up Twice
Synopsis Cardinal calls to check up on some things, Abby tells him what she can, promises brownies. She hangs up on him when he starts teasing her about her hair, he hangs up on her when she starts channeling momma Beauchamp.
Date June 19, 2009

Over Digital Lines

Ring ring ring. The phone rings in the afternoon; the number's unfamiliar, a generic phone picked up from a convenience store. It could be anybody.

"Abigail Beauchamp" The sounds of some cheerleaders practicing somewhere and the wind blowing through are the background noise when Abigail answers her phone.

"Abigail." The voice is familiar; tired, a bit tense, but not panicked, "It's Richard."

There's a thump as a book drops and suddenly Abby's voice is hushed. "We have a way to hide you from Arthur"

"Arthur can't find me," Cardinal replies to that in firm and confident tones, "It's been seen to. I tried to call Xiulan— nobody answered. Is she alright?"

"She's safe. Better you don't know the circumstances, but she's safe. She misses you though. Hates you a little, but misses you. Worries. Is tayed with her for a night" Cardinal's good? Good. "Thank the good Lord above Richard. About Arthur not finding you"

"That's about what I expected… good, good," a breath is drawn in, slow, and exhaled in a ripple of a sigh that hisses through the line, "Sorry I've been out of touch, I had to make— arrangements, see to a few things. Still on the move, but I wanted to make sure she was safe."

'Richard. I understand. It sounds like.." Like you have the hounds of hell on your heels. Abby doesn't say that. "Anything I can do? Bakes some brownies and drop them off somewhere for you to pick up? Brownies, I hear, make everything better"

"I'd love some brownies." A pause, "I don't want to.. get you involved in all've this shit, though, Abs. If anyone deserves some time to herself, it's you, after all you've done."

"If i drop them off someplace, and then you go pick them up, it means that you never see me" There's an outward breath. "Besides, Arthur's a telepath now. You know that I know where Xiulan is. That's all he'll need." She points out.

"He'd have to find me, first," he says grimly, "And that's not as easy as it once was… alright. Brownies it is. Is… everyone else all right?"

"Yeah, Everyone's okay. Nothing bad's been happening. Uhmm, well no. There's.. one thing. Fedor visited Xiu"

"Okay…" Cardinal sounds bemused— after all, that's not that unusual.

"He wanted to know what was going on. He told us, about Teo, the.. not real Teo. What's going on with Mr. Ibragimov? Because that.. was not the man I know who showed up."

"Laudani." A rough snort of breath, "Yeah. I know. He's the one who handed me over to Logan." Richard sounds confused, then, "What? What happened?"

"He was like a dog with a bone Richard. He kept telling Xiu to tell him so he could protect her, didn't listen when we said there was already a plan in motion. He threatened to grab me and give me to Logan. Lord in Heaven Richard, I never saw that side of him before. He kept telling us what an evil man he is. I slapped him, I just lost my temper and he hurt my wrist, but he left. He was blaming it.. on changing too many times. That he doesn't rightly know who he is anymore"

"Jesus Christ. He said— did— " The sound of teeth grinding's audible over the phone, "Okay. Okay, I'll talk to Jake, and— Fedor. I'll find out what the fuck is going on."

'It can wait Richard, you have a lot on your plate. Arthur is your worry. Just, you should know, that Fedor is trying to get to the bottom of it, somethign about you and Xiu and others belong to him and it's his problem"

"I don't belong to anyone," Cardinal replies flatly, "He can go play his fucking CIA games supporting FRONTLINE all fucking day as far as I'm concerned, if he's pulling this shit with my friends."

Well, she's sure she just ruined his day. Richards. In as much as it can be ruined and there's silence on Abigails end of the line.

"I'm sorry, Abigail," he says quietly, "You don't deserve being harassed by anyone like that. I'll take care of it."

"I can take guns pointed at me and the like. I didn't like him telling me he'd bring me to logan for shits and giggles Richard." But, that's the last she'll say on that. "My hair is blue"

"He won't again. I— " There goes his attention railway, crashing off the tracks, "W-what?"

"Xiulan.. turned my hair blue. If I try to get it dyed, will it turn the color I'm dying it, or will it still stay blue?"

"Uh. I, uh, I really couldn't tell you. I… imagine it'd dye alright?" Wait, when did they get to talking about hair dying? "I'm guessing you can't go to wherever she is to fix it…"

You say, "uhh… no. No I couldn't. She also tattoo's me. It's June and I'm wearing turtlenecks and I have Neon blue hair and neon blue toenails." There's a sigh. "I'm never getting drunk with her ever again""

At that, Richard chuckles quietly. "Sorry. Not much I can do about that, Abs…"

"Cute Richard, very cute. Stop laughing I don't know when she's going to be back! I'm blue. Neon blue"

Okay, now he is laughing. He tries to sing a little, "I'm bluuuuuuueeeee…."

Abigail rolls her eyes on her side of the phone and a second later, the line is dead

"Did she actually…?" Cardinal stares at the phone for a moment… and then he chuckles, hitting 'redial' and bringing the phone back up to his ear.

"Jerk" When she answers the phone.

"You love me," comes his amused reply.

"Like a brother" She sighs. "Do you love Xiulan?"

"You're the queen of non sequiturs today," he answers in reply, a brow's furrow audible in his voice, "What kind've question's that?"

"Your time is precious right now" Abby points out over the phone. "And we were talking about you. That's all. She loves you Richard. I think, that you called Elisabeth instead of her, hurt her

Loves him? There's silence for a few moments, before he says quietly, "I had to minimize direct contact, so I didn't put her into more danger. I— " A sigh, "— I don't have time for this, there's too much shit I need to do."

"Yeah, I know, I think she realized that after we talked. Just, if you survive. Probably something to think about huh?" Food for thought. "Where should I drop the brownies off at and do you need anything else since your on the run?

"I've got enough to think about," mutters the thief, "Um— Lucy's. I need to go there anyway, I need to talk to Isabelle about something really fucking important."

"Old Lucy's it is. I'll leave them there. You be safe okay? Safe as you can be" There's worry in the defunct healers voice. "I'll say prayers for you"

"You too, Abs," he reassures her, "I'll be fine— oh." A pause, "Uh, I don't want to strain Flint, he was lookin' pretty bad— how hard is it to regrow a limb?"

"… Uhh, depends on how much… limb we're talking about"

"Mm. Alright. Just askin'," he clears his throat, "I'll talk to you later. Be safe, Abs."

"What's missing Richard?" Momma Beauchamp is being channeled over the line

"Just a hand, I'll get it taken care of," he replies dismissively, "Take care."

Click! Run from Momma Beauchamp!

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