In Search For Life, Part I


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Scene Title In Search For Life, Part I
Synopsis Following Tamara's mysterious tarot business card lead, Peyton pulls Aaron along to meet with Rebecca.
Date January 10, 2010

Rebecca Nakano Investigations

One would think that on a Sunday afternoon, for someone who is running her own business, Rebecca Nakano would be takin a day off to relax and recover from the prior week of hard work and stress. Unfortunately, the week prior was rather dry and dull and she barely pulled in a penny all week. Her practice has not quiet taken off as she'd hoped. Mostly spouses seeking information on cheating partners. Not what she really had hoped to do here. She's checking over her bills and pulling money out of her account to transfer over to cover these bills, but she also notices that she's starting to get very close to that line that turns her finances from black to red.

She glances at the small office she leased for her business wondering if perhaps she should have just kept the business to her apartment. Maybe she should give up the place and just sleep at the office to save on money. She rests her chin on her hand, elbow on her desk while her other hand maneuvers a mouse to a directory of photos she's taken. This woman thought her husband was cheating on her, but Rebecca found no proof to substantiate that. In fact, the guy seems rather clueless, not even recognizing the fact with some woman approached and hit on him. At least the woman was thankful when she was told that her husband had been faithful. Click. Click. Click.

After Tamara gave Peyton the card with Rebecca's name on it, the clairvoyant had looked up the woman in a phone book to make sure she was legitimate. And then googled her. And then called her office under false pretenses to find out that yes, the investigator was open today. After finding quite a few things to do around the house as she hemmed and hawed, she finally decided to go.

And take Aaron with her for support.

"Thanks for coming with," Peyton tells Aaron as they walk toward the office. Peyton is dressed as "professionally" as she can for such a meeting in black slacks, though the one pant leg is tucked into her soft walking cast. The other foot is in a boot that makes her feet almost even, so she can limp a touch less. She clutches a manila envelope in both hands as she stops in front of the correct office. "This is it." She takes a deep breath, but doesn't manage to reach out for the door knob.
Having Aaron provide support is a definite role-reversal for him. On the plus side, providing that support at least keeps his mind off of the bitter things that keep him up at night and holed up in his room most of the days. Granted, he's not sure it's the greatest idea, but he's not about to convince Peyton otherwise— it's her choice, after all. Besides that, his opinion is decidedly influenced by his desire to remain ignorant. Learning the truth about the things he has … well, it hasn't been particularly pleasant.

"You're welcome," is his response as he pulls his red scarf open, letting either side dangle down the front of his long coat. He hasn't chosen particularly professional attire, just his usual, though he wears cargo pants instead of jeans. Seeing the hesitation, he reaches out to open the door, placing a hand on the small of Peyton's back to provide some semblance of encouragement. There will be no use running at this point, even if she could.

There might be a look of surprise on the investigator's face when the door actually opens. Someone had called earlier, but she thought maye it was a prank. Rebecca rises from behind her desk as the door slowly opens and she moves around to the front to see who it is. When she spots the hesitant Peyton and Aaron, she clears her throat and asks, "Is there something I can help you with?" Perhaps expecting that the two are lost and looking for a different business entirely.

"Thanks," Peyton murmurs to Aaron again, when he opens the door. This must be the right thing to do — Tamara pointed her this way, right? She steps in, then hesitates at the eagerness of Rebecca rising. "Hi… uh… are you Rebecca Nakano?" she manages to murmur, hating how shy and tentative she sounds these days. "I was … someone referred me to you, regarding an … adoption search?"

This time, Aaron only nods to Peyton, following her inside and letting the door close behind them. There's no backing out, now. His eyes flicker to the decor, taking the place in with only a cursory glance. More interesting — always more interesting — are the people, or in this case the one person here. His gaze shifts from the office to Rebecca, where they're fixed for a moment or two with the look of someone who can see right through people. It's not entirely true, but he does have a penchant for noticing people's pain. Sometimes it's a fair ways deeper than he has a tendency to look. He learned that from Bella…. Right now, he's content to let Peyton talk, since this is her adventure, but he's there right at her side. He even reaches out his hand if she wants to take it for extra support.

Locking eyes with Aaron for a moment, she gets a small shiver for some reason. She turns her gaze back to Peyton and nods. "I'm Rebecca Nakano. Although I'm not entirely too sure who would refer you to me for something like that." True, considering she's only had a few dirty little cases, nothing all that difficult even. She motions to the coush in the room, "Here. Have a seat and let's start at the beginning. You said something about an adoption search?" This is the type of case that she's been hoping for, to be honest. She moves around to sit in the chair that is across from the couch, seperated only by a small coffee table with a few magazines on it.

Peyton moves to sit, putting the casted foot out in front a little bit to rest it from the brief walk. She hands the manila envelope to Rebecca. "Those are copies of my birth certificate and what I could find of the adoption documents my parents had. My adopted parents are both deceased. They told me that my mother was a teenager who couldn't take care of me, that they paid for the doctors and the birth and all that for her, but that's all I really know," Peyton says quietly. "The name's not on the certificate, since it was an adoption and she was a minor I guess, or maybe it's just not on my copy of it. I don't know how all that works." Somehow she's managed not to stutter, as she does when she's afraid. Maybe because Rebecca doesn't look much older than her.

That was creepy, really, Aaron acknowledges to himself. Is he turning into some sort of deranged lunatic, or something? He takes a seat next to Peyton, sliding the chair right next to hers and resting a hand on her shoulder. There's not really much for him to say, so he keeps his mouth closed for now. Besides that, opening it tends to get him into trouble, so all the more reason to remain quiet.

Rebecca receives the envelope and opens it up, pulling out one document after the next. If she can find out where Peyton was born, she could go to the hospital and investigate, perhaps even use her ability to go back and witness the day of her birth. "This is really a good start. I think I can help you." There's a pause as Rebecca looks from Peyton to Aaron then back to Peyton. "I just want to be sure this is what you want. It's not going to be cheap, but I do try to keep expenses down. If I don't get you the answer you want, then I'll only charge you for whatever expenses I incur. I guess what I'm trying to say is that — I just don't want you to be disappointed if you don't find what it is you are trying to find?" If that makes any sense. "How serious are you about wanting to find your birth mother?" Rebecca glances at the birth certificate. Lenox Hill Hospital.

The tall brunette's brows rise when Rebecca seems to find the information helpful. To her, it seemed like a dead end. "I don't really know that I expect anything out of it. I just want to know who she is, and … I don't expect her to make me cookies and milk or anything at this point, you know? I've just found out some things about myself that make me curious where I come from — I'm rather different than my birth parents, and I'd like to know if she shares those traits with me. And you know, it's good, in case I find out she has some genetic disease in case I'm a carrier or whatever, right?" She shrugs, tossing her long hair behind her shoulder. "Anyway. That's fine. Do you need some money for a retainer or anything?"

Oh, with Rebecca's ability, there's far more options than a typical PI might have. Whereas that might end up being a dead end for some, Rebecca just might be able to get the answer that Peyton seeks. "I think I can help you. In fact, I've got good reason to think that I can make this happen for you. I just wanted to be sure it was what you wanted." As the conversation shifts to money, Rebecca quotes off her typical rate. "Well, typical charge is three hundred per hour, plus expenses. I'd like a retainer of at least three thousand, because I anticipate at least ten hours of work to get this rolling. If finances are an issue, we can talk about it though." It seems that Rebecca Nakano doesn't follow the social news, or just isn't recognizing the infamous female.

Peyton nods, and opens her purse, pulling out a checkbook. "I can write it now," she says, pulling out a green pen with a chewed-on end to fill out the information. To the order of Rebecca Nakano, three thousand dollars. Her writing is neat and feminine without being "cutesy," no big loops or bubbly lettering. Her signature on the other hand is a scrawl — not very easy to forge. Her father the Wall Street Broker taught her well, even if he will never know it. "Here," she says, handing the check to the woman. The banking institution is an elite one, with a $100,000 savings requirement, so Rebecca, if she recognizes it, will know there is no fear of bouncing.

The check is taken and when Rebecca glances at it, there is indeed a recognition factor whens he realizes it's one of the more elite banks in the city. She almost considers if she undercharged Peyton. She glances up at Peyton and smiles, "I think it'll be a good start." Rebecca stands. "I just need you to fill out this form so I have some contact information. If I have any additional questions, then I can get in touch with you." She picks up the clipboard and hands it to Peyton, a pen is attached. At least, for the moment, Rebecca can't think of anything else she might need to know. As Peyton fills out the form, Rebecca takes the check and locks it into her desk. She will make sure she deposits it on the way home tonight.

Taking the clipboard, Peyton nods, beginning to fill it out. She glances up through her lashes at Aaron, who's been awfully quiet as he impersonates rather literally being a pillar of strength for her, perhaps. Once the form is filled out, she hands it back. "Thanks, Ms. Nakano," she says with a smile. "I can see my friend has put me in rather capable hands."

That is something still a little perplexing to Rebecca. She could probably dig it up — maybe. She walks back towards Peyton and Aaron and takes the clipboard. "Can I ask who referred you?" The form is placed in front of Rebecca's computer where she can input the information. Turning back to the couple, she offers a smile. It's actually a smile of relief that she's got a decent paying gig now. Perhaps one that will give her a little jump start in this investigative venture she's put herself in.

"My friend Tamara…" Peyton pauses. She doesn't have a last name. "Just Tamara… She gave me your card." She rises from her seat and puts her hand on Aaron's arm to bring him upward as well. "Call the cell; it's always on me," she says with a nod toward the clipboard. That way Aaron doesn't have to worry about taking messages if she calls the house phone. "Thanks for your time." Peyton moves toward the exit.

Aaron rises from his seat. "Cheers," he says in farewell, even though he never even gave his name. Where have his manners disappeared to? He approaches the door first and opens it for Peyton. Once outside, he wraps an arm around her shoulders. "So, what should we have for dinner?" He'd say he doesn't feel like cooking tonight and that maybe they should dine out, but he just watched Peyton hand over three thousand dollars. "I can cook," he offers.

"T-Tamara?" Well, there could be some sense in all that. That is if Tamara ever did make any sense. Rebecca hasn't seen that girl in a very long time, so there's a slight bit of shock when her name comes up. Well, she knows now. "I'll have to tell her thanks," Rebecca responds as she watches the two go. "I'll be in touch."

At the mention of food, Rebecca's stomach finally reminds her she's yet to eat anything since breakfast so perhaps now might be a good time to do it. She gets the check that Peyton wrote and grabs her coat and heads out, locking the door behind her, a little more bounce in her step than she had when this day began.

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