In Search for Life, Part II


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Scene Title In Search for Life, Part II
Synopsis Rebecca Nakano looks backwards in the past, witnessing a poignant moment and discovering a name to track down.
Date January 22, 2009

Lenox Hill Hospital

When you want to find a particular place, it's best to have as much detail about it as possible. When you only know a few items, finding that exact location is much difficult. When twenty one years have passed, you have to take into considering any possible remodeling that may have been done, so accessing public records to see what upgrades have been done is a must. It's been almost two weeks since Peyton came to Rebecca's office and requested assistance in finding her birth mother and since that time, it's been Rebecca's job to find the exact location where Peyton was born.

The easy part was finding the hospital. After that, more difficult. Several units within the hospital have changed locations, some even several times as the years have passed. One thing however that made the difference was that the emergency room stayed in the same location since Peyton was born. The task for Rebecca is that now she must find the room. Queries to the hospital were fruitless for information, as most were unwilling to talk about it due to the privacy act. It was Rebecca's initiative that payed off in the end. Cloak and dagger mission were becoming more common in her line of work, so she would dress up as a doctor, fake a badge and walk down to records and begin to scour the stacks of boxes that have yet to be digitalized.

Finally, Rebecca found what she was looking for. In accordance with hospital policy, the birth mother's name was marked through with a black marker, but she was able to find the room in which Peyton was born. Now, Rebecca only needed to ensure that this room is the same as the current room. Going back to public records, she compared the layout between the two sets of floor plans and found what she wanted. Donning her doctor getup, and slapping her fake badge to her pocket, Rebecca slipped into the ER, pulling the 'busy' marker in place so a nurse doesn't decide to place a patient here, she sets her bag down on the counter. She runs her fingers along the bed that lies here, surely having been replaced long ago. She's certain what she sees in the mirror will not be what she sees now so she familiarizes herself with the room.

She finally walks over and pulls the mirror from the bag. New Year's Day, she thinks to herself adding the year. She just needs to rewind to that spot and she'll hopefully get the information she needs to pass on to the hopeful girl. This is far different a job than the ones she's been taking. The cheating spouses and the embezzlers. No, this could bring a family together after twenty one years. She smiles to herself as she slowly lifts the mirror up. She lowers herself onto the stool, facing away from the bed, looking into the mirror and watching events fly by her as she seems to hit the fast rewind button of her mind, slowing down as she finally find the place she wants. The moment that Peyton's mother is wheeled into the room, ready to give birth.

The girl wheeled in looks more like a daughter than a future mother. A teenager, in fact. Dark hair with grown out roots, to show she'd dyed her hair lighter in months past. Everything may be reversed as in a mirror, but it's easy to tell that she looks in pain. Not just physical, either, as she reaches out and grabs the sleeve of someone beside her. Not one of the doctors, but he stays close to the bed, hovering. A tall man, in his mid-thirties. A pristine white top with bars on the shoulders and across a breast pocket. A military uniform, by the looks of things. With the writing backwards, it might take a few moments to make it out, but there's writing over one of his breast pockets. It doesn't look as if he's leaving, a stern look on his face, so she has time.

"Sir, you should stay outside. It won't be too much longer, the child should be born before the new year."

"Dad…" the girl calls out, grabbing his sleeve as the doctors prep her for delivery. He squeezes her hand back, but looks displeased, rather than comforting.

"You'll be fine. I'm staying."

They don't argue anymore, the nurses and the doctors getting into positions. "This will either be one of the first babies of the year, or one of the last," one of them says softly, even as the young teen starts to cry.

The bustling of the bed pushing through the door startles Rebecca at first, though she keeps a grip on her mirror. It's awkward, but something she's learned to deal with each time she has a vision. Her control over it is also improving, finding that given enough time to concentrate, she can slow the vision down and even pause it. Though going back again is not an option for her as of yet, but she hopes that she can learn that as well soon. She swivels on the stool, following the movement. She sees the girl now on the bed, crying out to her father who seems intent on staying near his daughter's side — something that causes Rebecca to smile. It's something she's thought about, but it doesn't seem like giving birth is in her cards, since you actually have to meet men to get to that point. Her luck has never been at love.

Nurses in the background are getting things prepped. Attaching the girl to the monitor and folding up the stirrups. One nurse is calling out vitals as another bed is wheeled into the room, this one smaller — certainly for the baby when it's born. Rebecca shakes her head, remembering what she's hear for and begins to look for something that might identify the girl.

As the baby gets closer and the doctors give their instructions, there's more cries from her, as she clings to her father's hand. Small fingers trying to find comfort there. The man doesn't move away, doesn't try to loosen her grasp. And the tag over his pocket becomes more apparent as she takes a second to focus on it.



A nurse reaches over dab at her forehead. Before holding up the handtowel to the father, "She might be calm if you do this, sir." The man takes it, and takes over the dabbing, as the cries and directions to push and breathe continue. "You need to breathe, dear," the nurse says.

The next moments aren't pretty, painful and difficult for the girl. But clock ticks closer and closer to midnight. But just as the birth certificate said, the baby can be heard crying before it gets there. One of the last babies of the year.

The name on the man's pocket is a really good start at this point. Provided the girl isn't married, a stepdaughter or adopted. It will be something more to look into. Rebecca never takes notes, as she has a keen sense of detail, so it's rather unnecessary, and allows her to give her complete attention to everything as it unfolds.

Rebecca has never seen a live birth before, so part of her attention is active on that. She can only imagine it will be the most amazing thing she has ever seen. The start of new life. She finds herself getting hot, and she still hasn't quite gotten used to having these visions without her headaches, but whatever surgery they did for her seems to be working just fine. She reaches up and wipes at her brow, nervous for the young girl about to give birth, even though Rebecca already knows the outcome.

"It's a girl," the nurse says, voice pleased and happy for her, even as one of the other nurses looks over as the baby is cleaned up, the cord cut, and the doctor checks her over. They're about to set her in the tiny bed when the girl recovers enough to let go of her father's hand and reach out.

"I want to hold her, let me hold her— please." The pain remains on her face, she looks absolutely exhausted, covered in sweat even though her face as been wiped with a cloth more than a few times. There's hesitation on her request, the nurse looks first at the doctor, who nods, and then the new grandfather. He doesn't nod, but he doesn't say no, either, and the wrapped bundle is set against the girl, so she can wrap her arms around her.

Hand touching the tiny chubby fingers, still wet. "I'm sorry… I'm sorry…" she says, crying, trying to hold the baby closer. The baby cries too.

Now the father speaks, a hand touching her shoulder. "That's enough, Faye," he says, voice as stern as his face, and rather calm considering the situation. "The parents will want their child. Don't make this more difficult than it already is."

There's a moments pause when Rebecca gasps at the birth of the child. The baby girl. She tears up a little, though the tears don't seem to affect her vision. She has a first name and a last name. It should be enough.

Rebecca slowly slides back towards the bed, getting closer to the child's mother as she weeps her apologies to the baby for having to give her up — taking a closer look at the young woman's — Faye's face. There's some familiar features in her face gives her plenty of indication that this is indeed Peyton's mother. Rebecca swivels in her chair to see if the adopting parents happen to come through or can be seen. Even if they don't, she's confident she has a strong lead now to continue her pursuit.

The future parents can't be seen, but the nurses eventually take the baby away. Faye's hand tries to follow, to hold her as long as possible, but it doesn't do any good. The girl's exhausted and she falls back against the bed, eyes closing as she cries.

"This is the consequence for your action, Faye," the Coast Guard officer says, a little more stern now than he probably should be. Officers have a way about them… The baby is placed in the smaller basket-like bed, and pushed out of the room and down the hall to the nursery.

A few moments to touch her daughter, and then she was taken away. The girl never even got to name her.

As Faye reaches for the baby, then cries, father attempting to console and scold her at the same time, Rebecca's heart wrenches. She turns away from the imagine, letting it fade away, reaching up to wipe the tears from her face. She's quiet for a moment, hearing voices in the hallway. Someone knocks on the door and Rebecca quickly answers, "One moment."

She stand and composes herself, stuffing that mirror into her bag and stepping from the room. "It's ready now." And before anyone can answer, Rebecca Nakano is heading towards the exit.

She has plenty to go on now. Her next step is to try and find Faye Crawford, if that is still her name.

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