In Search Of A Wayward Fed


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Scene Title In Search of a Wayward Fed
Synopsis Minea comes by Sonny's office in search of information regarding Felix's whereabouts.
Date December 12, 2008

The Bianco Clinic

Same routine, save that this time. Minea called ahead and was told to head to Sonny's office at the end of the day, arrive at a time when it was suspected he might be finished with the last patient. But things in doctors offices never end on time, nor rarely start on time. Minnie was on time, a friendly smile given to wendy and to the black bob when escorted back. Refined Minnie, not jeans and leather Minnie that picked Sonny up.

Black bob, aka Kelsey, leads Minea to Sonny's office, but this time the doctor's not there to greet her. "He'll be along shortly. He's just freshening up," she seems less stressed this time, less harried. "Can I get you a cup of coffee or tea while you wait?"

"Thank you Kelsey, just some water, if that's possible? If not, no worries" Minea flashes the woman a smile as she eases down into the same seat she had sat at. This was a shot in the dark, and something she wasn't so keen on doing, but when the feeb your babysitting goes off… Leg crossed over knee, jacket shuffled away, a different pair of black skirt and purple blouse, expensive heels. Minea closes her eyes to kill time. It'd been a long night.

It's not long before Kelsey returns, bearing a posh bottle of spring water which she sets on the table beside Minea without disturbing her. It's a good five or six minutes after that when Sonny enters. He looks a little ragged, but gives her a smile. "What can I do for you, Miss Dahl?"

'Dr. Bianco" There's that smile againa nd she rises smoothly from the chair in one motion, extending her hand to him. "Have you seen your patient lately?" Quick and to the point since he seems tired. It's been probably a long day for him too.

"You mean, Mr. Ed?" Sonny shakes his head and steps into the office. He closes the door gently behind him. "I saw him once, the day after the procedure. Wanted to make sure he was all right. Other than that, no. Why?"

"Day after…" There's a thoughtful look. "He speak anything, say anything about what he might do Dr. Bianco? It's very important that you remember this" Minea reaches down, her hands closing around the bottle of water, twisting the cap off. "The good Mr. Dantes has not been seen in a few days. He's not shown up at any hospital. We have a possible lead on where he might be, but it's very slim. He's roaming without his ID's

Sonny frowns. "No. He…didn't say. But he didn't seem exactly comfortable with his situation, nor did he seem interested in attempting to pretend to be someone else. It…might be possible that the people he's hiding from picked him out despite my work on his face. He was still frequenting his usual places, it looked like." He wanders over to his desk and sits on the side of it.

"Fuck" Minea mutters under her breath, bttle near her lips. She takes a sip, swirling it around her mouth. "Where'd you meet him and what exactly was his issue? This isn't some pansy game we're playing. New face doesn't mean that he can just prance around and continuing what he's doing. They'll realize it's him, and nail him, then they'll look for who could have done what was done, in so short a time and come after you" Pranoid much.

"I met him at the Nite Owl a few days ago. And…he just didn't seem comfortable with his face. I tried to get him to loosen up, but he didn't seem like he was having any of it." Sonny taps his fingers on the desk. "They won't come after me. I…can't go into the details why, but they won't." His father thought about such a situation. She might be paranoid, but he's overconfident.

"I wouldn't underestimate the people who are after him Doctor. It shouldn't come to that, if he gets his ass in gear. So the awe and wonder that was getting him into a new life is suddenly not that great" She runs her tonuge over the front of her teeth before taking another drink of the water. Just as tired looking as he was. "Loosen up how?"

Sonny shrugs. "Just…stop being such a cop. I was trying to encourage him to take the opportunity to pretend to be someone else. To try out being a different kind of person or to say he had a different job. But he was so…" he tilts his head. "…everything about him just screamed 'cop.'"

"That's his new life." Minea screws the cap back on. "Cop. I've halted in process papers to get him on the force. I'm not going to sink more effort into this if he's going to throw away what we've done, even if it is temporary" One pointy toed foot taps on the floor before she leans over to pick up her purse, swinging it onto her shoulder. "Sorry to have disturbed you Dr. Bianco. I'll let you get back to going home"

"If…he does show up? I'll contact you. He has my number. If he's hurt, he might try to get in contact with me." Sonny's lips crease into a thin line. "I do hope he's all right. Please let me know if you find him."

'If he's hurt from his stupidity Dr. Bianco, he's going to be needing more than you. It's a waste of resources, money and time" She offers her hand again to him. "You at least look better thanks to your enforced rest"

"It's been a long week, but it's over now," Sonny shakes her hand. "Any time you need to see me, you just let me know, all right?"

"I'll have no need of you. Unless you magically make tattoo's disappear and even then, I'll still wait my turn in line dr. Bianco. I'll let you know either way if we find him and if we should need your services again, I'll extend the same courtesy and call ahead. Till we meet again" It's a firm handshake, the usual and Minea turns for the door once she releases it. "Happy Holidays Doctor. Give my regards to your staff and family"

"I will, thank you. Have a good evening," Sonny smiles to her. Then Kelsey appears to escort her out and to lock the door after she has done so.

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