Insurance Policy



Scene Title Insurance Policy
Synopsis Minea opens up some mail that she's ignored for a day.
Date May 30, 2009

Dorchester Towers - Minea's Studio

The keys went down in the bowl by the door, jacket up on the hooks protruding from the wall beside the door. The door itself was cosed, locks all turned three times.

She'd been doing that a lot lately.

Minea toured her studio, visiting each room with her gun in hand. Opening and closing the doors, making sure that she was alone. There was no telepaths haunting, lurking, waiting. No teleporters coming in to tell her how disappointed they were in her.

Satisfied about the safety of her apartment, Minea turned to her mail that she'd been neglecting the last few days. It's gathered up, taken to the kitchen while she makes a cup of tea and reheats some Chinese. Another night alone. God she missed Conrad. She could have called him up and he'd be over in a heartbeat in some stolen car and making wisecracks.

Shuffling through the envelops, the junk mail is tossed to the side and the important looking stuff is gathered. Three trips later, she's in her work area, firing off an email to her brother. Seems her oldest is getting married. She was finalizing dates so that she could block off time from work and go down. Her father wanted to talk to her too. How to tell them that her work is sucking up her time and that quite possibly if they didn't work hard enough, their daughter might be going to jail.

You don't.

So between bites of Chinese food, and opening bills - paying said bills online - and such, there's the manila padded envelope that eventually comes to her attention. She remembered this. Signing for it when she was called down before heading off to work.

A letter opener makes quick work of the seal and she tilts the envelope, watching as some generic little USB drive topples out. No message with it nothing. middle finger and thumb spread the envelope as she tips it back to look in it, brows drawn down in confusion. Could have a virus on it. Could be some form of prank, or a big middle fingers from Wireless.

Maybe it's that snotty teenager.

Minea stares it for a few minutes, forking chow mien noodles into her mouth and studies it some more.

Eventually though, she digs up a crappy little old laptop. unhook from everything but a power cord. She's ready to sacrifice it, instead of her good ones in case it's something malicious.

Booted up, Minea sets it down, browsing the file on the removable drive, and double clicks before easing back with her bowl of chow mien and chop sticks.

The next bite never makes it to her mouth, the chopsticks clattering to her bowl and then over the edge as the screen lights up her face and she breaks out into surprise.


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