Intervening Intravenous


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Scene Title Intervening Intravenous
Synopsis Ben is called in to the library for the first time to monitor the stabilized Alexander; he sets up IV drips and stuff like that.
Date December 24, 2008

Sekrit Phoenix Base

Nowhere near Rickham!

Teo's called Ben, and Ferryman, supplies requested sent out soon as possible. Which co-incides with Ben making his way into the super sekrit hideout in the ruins. Abby's pulled up a chair, occasionally reaching out to touch Alexander as he sleep, or whatever it is that the man seems to be doing, trying to fathom how the guy survived three days while she struggles to stay awake herself.

Ben makes his way into the room, eyes widening as he looks at Alexander. He stoops over the bed with a series of blinks. "…What the hell happened to him?"

"Wu-long" Comes Abby's answer as she comes out of her doze. Blanket around her to stay warm, she glances to Ben. "Thank you for coming. Did what I could, but Teo needs you to hook him up with blood and stuff. He's been three days holed up in the sewer and he had a gunshot" Abby motions to all the gear in the corner that was waiting for the potential ferryman to arrive. "Happy Christmas Eve, sorry we dumped this on your plate but.. You said you wanted to help"

"You got me just in time. I was about to drive back to Boston. And more specific than 'Wu-long', please," Ben says distractedly as he heads for the corner. "I don't know what that even is. Who was in the sewer, Teo or Alexander here?" He checks out the IV equipment, eyebrows raising. This works. These supplies are good.

"Wu-long. Demon. I call him a demon. He's… he's nasty. Nasty's an understatement. I've met him twice. Brian almost didn't survive meeting him" Abby settles her hand on Alexander's leg. "I think he turned him into shadow, and then tried to kill him by making him whole again, but like… in the middle of something, like with a wall where his middle is. That's what it felt like. I had to work carefully. But Teo thinks he hasn't had food or drink or if so, very little. I healed him enough to move him and get him here and finish the rest here but he's lost a lot of blood. Should be everything you need there. Just do what you can and then, you can head on to Boston" long slow blinks as Abby's attention diverts from the unconscious or comatose man, to Ben.

"I don't think I should leave, what with this going on," Ben says, wheeling the IV stand over. He goes back to find himself some tubing, a catheter, and one of the bags. Hanging the bag on the stand, he starts assembling the items together. Once everything's good to go, he reaches for Alexander's arm and turns it about to seek out a good vein. "Does anyone know this man's medical history? Does he do drugs?"

'Smokes. No drugs that I've seen" She starts peeling through her mind for what she does know. "He was in the military, he's telekinetic, uhh, don't.. think he has family. Teo and I live with him" Her bleu gaze falls to Al's red hair. "he got the scars near his eyes from birds. that's… all I can tell you that I know of"

"Those are from birds?" Ben asks absently. "Huh." He flicks at one of the veins in Alexander's arm before carefully applying the catheter tube with the needle inside it. His hands are steady; he's done this before. "Nobody knows his blood type?" He glances toward the corner. "Is there blood over there? Actually, are there any people who regenerate? I've heard blood transfusions from them work great."

"Umm, yeah, in the cooler, should be his type, or umm, the universal type" Abby shakes her head to the questions of people who regenerate. "Not that I know of. I can ask around, when someone comes, that'd.. be handy to have around, when they can't get to me" She watching now what he's doing. 'Thank you ben, for coming. For taking care of Al. Fixing what I can't. I mean it. I'm sorry that we're derailing your trip home"

Ben removes the needle from the catheter and looks around for one of those bright yellow hazard disposal boxes. They make catheters that don't require needles to stay in place these days. He looks at Alexander's arm, then at the little container, and then tells Abby, "Hold the tube in his arm while I dump this needle. Don't worry about it. I wasn't sure if I was going back to Boston or not. I gave them a call and said a medical emergency came up. Boston is just… weird to me now. I'd rather do something useful."

The blonde unwraps herself from the blanket, scooting and leaning forward enough to place a clean thumb over the getup, anchoring it in place for Ben. "Still. keeping you from family Ben. I'll make it up. You can come have Christmas with Teo, Al, Brian and I okay? I plan on making lots of food, there will be enough. Your helping out my family right now, no matter how strange it is" A weak smile offered to Ben.

Ben nods to her, heading back to the disposal unit and dumping the needle. He brings it back with him and starts messing with tape to keep the catheter in place. "It's fine," he repeats. "Thank you for holding that." And now the tube's fixed in place. "I'm not sure he's going to, uh, be ready for a turkey dinner or anything tomorrow." He heads for the cooler, digging around for the blood bags.

"I'm planning on cooking here. I can get stuff, I can set up ways to cook. I think we're all here for the next few days. At least I will be. Unless Al's gonna wake up and fuss about wanting to be back at the apartment. Right now, everything's being played by ear." Hand removed, retreat back to the blanket. "He going to be okay?" She's feeling incredibly useless right now, unable to do more for the man but sit here and watch. pray.

"He's not going anywhere," Ben says, which is maybe an answer to more than one question. Or maybe not. Fetching the blood bag, he brings that back and hangs it on the stand. "Is he bleeding anymore? Internally or otherwise? I should've checked that already. Shit."

"He's not. I fixed him. Everything's as it should be" Another touch, hand sliding under the blankets on top of him, fingers settling on the flesh at his ankle and a shake of her head. "All good on that front"

"Good, good," Ben says, looking over at her and offering a faint smile. "From the sounds of it, you saved his life. My job is just monitoring from here, making sure he gets blood and nutrients." He sets up the blood bag and works on getting Alexander the tasty, tasty vampire juice.

"I didn't save his life Ben. You know who did. I'm okay to sleep now? You'll watch over him?" Of course Ben will watching over him. She takes back her hand and stands up to relinquish the seat to Ben. There's another cot that was dragged in and she makes for it, dragging her blankets with her, leaving one for Ben if he wants it. "So tired, just wake me up when you need a break, I'll get up" The blankets are dumped on the spare cot, she digs into her purse to get out a traveling clock and a couple cans of Red Bull. That's all it seems to carry these days.

"Internal bleeding? Sorry. That's you," Ben tells her. He holds his hands up. "Nevermind, I'm not arguing it. Go to sleep, I'll be right here. I brought some books." One book is never enough.

And Abby's too tired to argue, much less snap at Ben or glare. Just adjust the blankets with a snap to settle over the cot, lay it all out and then crawl under once the winter jacket was discarded. "Heat packs in my bag if you need them. Sorry we can't make it warmer. Night Ben. Talk more when I'm not exhausted"

"Sweet dreams, Abigail," is Ben's quiet response.

Just pretend Ben sterilized stuff. He totally did; he's a way better doctor than his player and mistakes lie with said player and not the character.

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