Amphodynamine (Ability Amplification Drug)

Amphodynamine is a cocktail of psychoactive drugs through which the centers of the brain responsible for manipulating SLC-Expressive abilities are overclocked, empowering the user and granting them capabilities they are not normally afforded. This drug was utilized by the Institute to push the limits of Evolved Abilities far beyond their normal their usual limitations, but is no longer available.

Amphodynamine I

Amphodynamine I was a cocktail of psychoactive drugs taken intravenously that generated a 50% increase in the capability of SLC-Expressive abilities. It had an onset time of 1 hour and lasted for roughly 30 minutes before being exhausted. Production of adynomine I stopped in 2009 and records of the exact chemical composition were intentionally redacted from the Company archives during the organization's fall at the hands of the Institute. The only information remaining on amphodynamine I may be in the hands of Sabra Dalton, the archive's caretaker.

Amphodynamine II

In the fall of 2009, then Company researcher Doctor Bella Sheridan concocted a refined version of amphodynamine by combining the drug Refrain with the adynomine neurotoxin utilized by both government and Company officials. Bella's version of amphodynamine catalyzes in the body instantaneously, unlike the several minute onset time of the original amphodynamine. Unfortunately, this version of the drug also possesses a highly addictive quality, exactly like Refrain, though it replaces the psychoactive hallucinations with an enhanced output of ability power.

After the fall of the Institute and the loss of all manufacturing opportunities for adynomine III, the the original cocktail of amphodynamine is no longer available. Though the drug was mass-produced by the Institute, its shelf life and requirement to be refrigerated to remain potent means that most (if not all) stores of amphodynamine are no longer viable for use.


From the original discovery of the new, more potent version of amphodynamine discovered in Bella's research, to the catastrophic snow storm unleashed by Julie Fournier, to the Flash Forward visions that plagued New York City in early 2010, amphodynamine saw significant use and left a major impact on the world.

Amphodynamine (Ability Amplification Drug)

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