Kensei Sword

A full size katana, the Kensei Sword's steel blade is around a meter long, with a double handed hilt; the guard of the sword is circular, and cut in a lotus-like pattern. A gold 'Symbol' is embedded on the hilt.


The Kensei Sword is an iconographic artifact that has exchanged hands dozens of times over the centuries. Its original owner is unknown, though is believed to have been Adam Monroe. It has changed hands multiple times after being relinquished from the Linderman Archives, and there are currently two of the swords in potential circulation.

The first sword and seemingly original blade, was placed by Adam into the care of Huruma. Its current location is unknown.

The second sword is supposedly in Hiro's possession.

Kensei Sword

Currently in the keeping of:
Adam Monroe/Huruma(1 of 2) & Hiro Nakamura(2 of 2)


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