Odette's Stuffed Animals

A myriad of stuffed animals owned by Odette. Many of which were gifted by Eileen, her Daddy and the other Horseman or those with them.


She often uses the stuffed animals as a surrogate to speak through, and she usually has one around her at most times.

Odette's Stuffed Animals

Currently in the keeping of:

Icon Full Name Kind Personality
usagi_icon.gif Usagi-Hime Stuffed Rabbit Sass Master
tortuga_icon.gif Senor Tortuga Stuffed Tortoise Spy Master
ecureuil_icon.gif Écuyer Écureuil Stuffed Squirrel Brave Knight
coruja_icon.gif Capataz Coruja Stuffed Owl Building Foreman
myvel_icon.gif Magistra Mývel Stuffed Raccoon Chore Overseer
schwein_icon.gif Dr. Schwein Stuffed Pig SCIENCE (not that kind of doctor)
vos_icon.gif Hertog Vos Stuffed Fox Foulmouthed Thief
lev_icon.gif Plukovník Lev Stuffed Lion Commander of the Guard
kirpi_icon.gif Kirpi Kadınefendi Stuffed Hedgehog Shy Master
superpup_icon.gif Superpup Stuffed Dog Super Hero
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