Spyball is a small, orbital camera balanced on four thin, pointed, articulating legs.


Created and inspired a few months after Devi took a souvenir from Dr. Zachery Miller after their first encounter, Spyball is a (currently) a one-of-a-kind mobile surveillance device.


  • Connected to a “smartwatch” - a blacksteel wrist cuff with touch sensor controls.
  • What sort of measures are in place to keep it from being stolen?
    • Of course it has a bomb in it. Nothing big - just enough to blow off a few fingers - like a small firecracker!
    • Detonation timer is a countdown display on the surface of the eyeball: 10-9-8
    • Detonation can be triggered or stopped from user's watch.
  • Infrared, night, and heat vision cameras?
  • Range: The eyeball communicates with the watch via a direct transmitter-receiver setup at close range (up to 5 miles) for the benefit of closed-circuit feed and responsiveness. In the event that the eyeball is taken outside this range, limited functions are available through satellite services - standard camera functions, GPS, and detonation only, the device is thereby made immobile.
  • Powersource - tiny solar panels.

Currently in the keeping of:
Devi Ezell

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