The ZZ-7 (Zhizhu-7) is the first production model of an autonomous walking artillery platform designed to supplement ground forces during urban conflict. The ZZ-7 operates on a machine-learning system capable of rapidly recalculating tactical information and designating friendly targets from biometric signatures, among other proprietary methods. This war machine it outfitted with a turret-mounted helical railgun capable of precision targeting of moving enemy armor with a high, internal explosive penetration. The ZZ-7 can also be outfitted with a coaxial plasma railgun, capable of firing ionized, gas-like particles that easily melt through conventional tank armor. The articulated tread leg designs of the ZZ-7 allow it to climbed across difficult terrain with spider-like grace, before switching to a wheeled transit mode for high-speed movement.



Currently in the keeping of:
Praxis Heavy Industries

Faction Access
Raytech SESA SZC Wolfhound Yamagato

ZZ-7 Unveiling, New Report

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