Journal of Forking Paths

This page is for all Magnes' alternate timeline related stuff!

Murphy's Timeline Journal

We're in this timeline where lots of stuff went wrong. I don't really understand it all, but -a flood happened-, the Vanguard spread an evil virus, and a bunch of other stuff.

Mala and Denisa are alive here. These people… so many people lack hope, this world is dead, there are barely enough people here to restart the population of Earth. I can't leave them behind.

I've been considering how to save the people here. I thought about fighting the Vanguard, stopping Kazimir, but it really doesn't change anything. These people need to be saved.

I learned that I can control black holes. Probably not under normal circumstances. My nose was bleeding, that's what Ruiz said, and his nose was bleeding too. Controlling a black hole is going to be tricky.

My current plan, once I find a way to do it, is this:

Step 1. Figure out how controlling Ruiz's black hole even works, and if I can, I don't know, sense other black holes inside of it.

Step 2. Send a carefully worded message through to the other black hole until we can make contact.

Step 3. Find a way to open a black hole large enough to take everyone through it, I mean all of them. These people need to be saved, they can have real lives in our world.

I know this all seems tricky, but I've been thinking about science, and my ability.

Elisabeth came through the hole without dying, I think it's because I'm capable of protecting people in a black hole without them dying. So, I need a few things, in no particular order..

1. I need a way to either augment my ability, or learn to expand my ability so that I can increase my mass enough to grab everyone into it.

2. I need Ruiz, and a way to open a black hole in my world. Maybe it means coincidentally having another Ruiz open a black hole there? I don't know.

3. I need practice, I need a lot of practice now that I have a better idea of what my ability is.

I think that it's possible to increase my mass without becoming a black hole. I think that a black hole is more like… the violent worst case scenario. I've been augmented before and I didn't become a black hole, because I didn't lose control.

If I could increase my mass, while Ruiz increases the size of his black hole, then I can plausibly take everyone through it without them getting hurt. I just… I have to learn the nature of black holes, I have to really, truly learn what they are. I'm going to have to take risks, and I have to take these risks myself first, no one else can put themselves at risk for this wild plan. I have to actually do this scientifically…

Queen Songs of Magni

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Bright Magnes: Bohemian Rhapsody
Wasteland Magnes: Who Wants To Live Forever
Flood Magnes: Don't Stop Me Now
Virus Magnes: These Are The Days of Our Lives

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