License To Ink


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Scene Title License to Ink
Synopsis LHK meets up with former Ferryman to get a license… who knew it would ever look like this?
Date June 25, 2019

SESA Branch Office

The petite brunette in jeans and a lightweight hoodie carrying a battered backpack stands somewhat nervously in the main lobby of the SESA building, uncertain who exactly she's waiting for. The letter Brynn received said that the last step in her approval for a COM license was just to come in and have an agent sign off on the demonstration of what she'd be doing with her ability. The appointment time was listed, but no agent's name. So when she arrived, she showed the lady at the desk her letter, and wrote down what she needed, and then she was told to wait. So…. now she's waiting. But she's a little anxious. She shouldn't be. Her brother works in this place, for God's sake. But … some things, even now, are hard.

Brynn seems to wait for a good bit before the door opens again, and out steps a shorter woman with messy short black hair, a blue suit, and an eyepatch. Robyn Quinn doesn't often find herself working license approvals, particularly not when she otherwise has a case, but since they're still waiting for access to the evidence they need to proceed forward with Cassandra, here she is. Someone had decided this was where she needed to be today.

If she knew who it was, she would probably be strangling them.

Her eyes comb across the waiting room until they land on Brynn, and she cocks her head to the side. She doesn't seem to recognise the young woman, but she did read the sheet before coming out here so she thinks she has an idea of what to expect.

Robyn may not recognize her — it's been a lot of years — but the same is not true of Brynn. Pollepel left lasting memories and though the silent child wasn't the most noticeable, she watched everything. A smile eases her nervous expression. She signs, I didn't expect a familiar face. Hi. And then she hesitates and pulls out her phone to type the greeting for the agent.

ASL is, unfortunately, not in Robyn's ever stagnating list of skills, but she did read enough of Brynn's papers to know what she's in for, so she doesn't seem surprised when the young woman signs to her. Someone in the back had shown her how to sign Hello, but that had been the extant of their knowledge as well so rather than set an expectation she can't meet, she's chosen to come out with a pad of paper and a clipboard, ignorant of how that may potentially offend - or not entirely caring.

Hello, Ms. Ferguson is written on it as it's proffered to Brynn. Please follow me., and then a bit below that, (I'm sorry). Robyn offers Brynn a smile - maybe even a genuine one, and motions for her to follow after her before pulling the pad back closer to her chest as she waits.

Brynn looks curious and types out, Sorry for what? And you don't have to write, she offers. I can read lips. The petite brunette walks along with Robyn easily, and then also types rapidly, It's kinda primal that you get to sign off, since you already know how it works. she doesn't yet realize that Robyn doesn't remember her — she thinks she's just being businesslike.

But the words on the screen and knowledge of what the power is might as a combination trigger Robyn's memory of the small, wide-eyed child in the sickbay of Pollepel entertaining the even younger ones by coloring their skin or their bedsheets with wild patterns when they were all sick.

If it wasn't the words on the screen or the knowledge of her power, it was the use of the word primal that clues Robyn in. It leaves only one of two possibilities, and one of them isn't a possibility, so that means one other - and that brings her back around full loop to who Brynn is. That sense of recognition only just enough shows on her face, but the use of that word clues her in on something else as well.

Will this do better? is offered as best as she can remember it. Adel had been showing her the Lighthouse Cant during her time at the Bunker, so that they could communicate with less chance of anyone tying together their actual relationship. She hadn't thought about how it might be helpful outside of that.

She would have to thank Adel later.

Now, that smile is at least a bit more obviously genuine. It's not every day I get to sign off for someone from the Ferry. There's more to that thought, but she doesn't want to risk fumbling with the signs, simply hoping Brynn recognises it like she expects her to.

Why she didn't even think to use Cant is perhaps just explained away as having to use ASL to help some newer friends learn it, but Brynn brightens considerably. Well, it goes faster, Brynn agrees with a nearly silent laugh. She tucks her phone away, immensely glad to just be able to talk. Maybe they didn't realize where I came from, she offers. Maybe they wouldn't have sent Robyn if they had known — what with the old days where Ferry members did things like fudge Registrations. But it's not like anything I can do is dangerous, so… I just want to be able to get paid for my art work and stuff, she admits with an abashed expression.

It'll be fine, is all Robyn really thinks on the matter, ushering Brynn back to a small room normally used for interviews and demonstrations of abilities for registration purposes. Always surprised when I find Ferry in town. Would think most people wanted out. That is followed with a small shrug, before closing the door behind them and closing it.

So, your C-O-M license, she signs as she takes her seat. She has papers with her, but mostly she just sets them off to the side. What're you looking to do? It seems that there's going to be another interview despite that.

Brynn shrugs slightly and confesses, We stick together. Brian said college was important, so we came to do that. But… I had trouble with the entrance exams. So I started picking up odd jobs, and realized my ability could help. I have job offers to do some interior decoration, some vehicle work, and some tattoo work. No need to tell that she's already doing the work. This is merely a formality, as far as she's concerned. Her employers pay either way. But she lives with a SESA agent.

There's a bit of a snort from Robyn that she isn't able to keep held back. I never went to college, comes out awkwardly as she continues to attempt signing. It's her way of saying it's not needed, but then, Robyn Quinn may be a more exceptional case than she wishes to admit in this particular case. But good on you for getting proper licensing. I'm always a bit surprised when one of us cops to proper licensing to be honest. We shouldn't need it. Definitely not a thought she would normally share out loud, but there it is. Perhaps a little bit of that rebel still lives in Robyn.

I've seen Lance a few times, but how are the others? An honest question - she's seen Joe the one time she barely remembers, and Lance works at Fort Jay now, but other than that… she's more or less fallen out of contact with the Lighthouse Kids, and much of the rest of the Ferry, and she certainly doesn't have much time for checking in on them now.

The observation about copping to Registration makes Brynn chuckle again. I don't think you should need it, either. Although I kinda understand the idea of it for public service jobs … but don't tell Joe or Lance I said that. I'll get drummed out of the club or something. Lacking tone, it could be taken seriously, but Brynn's theatrical rolling of gray eyes belies that thought. Her brothers would never.

I think we're all doing okay. Aunt Gilly helped us buy a building to clean up and live in. Joe's … maybe having a little trouble. After Lance got recruited to SESA, he tried to sign up at the police academy and he's not old enough for another year. Which is kinda stupid, given where we grew up and what we grew up doing, but… She shrugs a bit. Lance seems to like the internship well enough. Hailey is sorting out what she wants to do, but at least she moved back into the Safe Zone. That makes me happy, cuz we were pretty worried about her getting snatched out there. That's what happened to Squeaks. The first time. Which makes this time all the scarier. Some of the others are around too, back and forth between here and some community outside the Zone. I guess… we're pretty much turning into grownups.

Her face looks a little doubtful, since that seems like a weird thing to contemplate.

I get that. I agree with the age restrictions, though. Can't make exceptions or everyone from the war that thinks they can hack it'll want in though. A small shrug. Robyn understands the frustration, at least. "Wait." Actually spoken this time, more out of belated surprise than anything else. She looks over to Brynn with a look of minor disbelief. Gillian helped you buy a building?

Robyn can't help but smirk despite herself, shaking her head. She never stops giving, does she. I hope you kids are enjoying it. Kids meant in a joking sort of way, rather than a pejorative - and hopefully the smirk translates that where words and tone cannot. Ther news about Hailey is met with a slow nod. Her expression sours a bit at the talk of getting snatched - thankfully there seem to have been less reports of that lately, at least that have come across her desk.

If that ever happens again, someone getting snatched… let me know. I'll make sure they don't do it again. Whether that's through legal means or not is left unsigned.

The grin that crosses Brynn's face is a cheeky one. Joe got his wish… it looks like the Ghostbusters place. But … yeah, she always helps, if we finally ask. The Kids are generally pretty self-sufficient, but some things they are still a bit young for.

The more serious thing has the deaf teen nodding. I'll tell them. Between Squeaks getting taken and Hailey getting shot, it's…. I'm really glad we're all pulling back into one place, she admits. Robyn is considered family, so Brynn is willing to tell her things she might otherwise not say. It wouldn't matter to her if the help was legal or not. It's easier to keep each other safe. Because well… security is something always at a premium in their lives.

Robyn's fingers drum on the table in the interview room as she rifles through the papers in front of her, before pulling out the one at the bottom and setting it aside. It seems like there's a bit of paperwork to go through, but the last page - the one where they both sign off - is the most important for the issue at hand.

Hopefully, soon? People will learn not to mess with us, is probably phrased more mildly than Robyn would use if she were using verbal words, but Adel never taught her all the creative ways to curse in the Lighthouse Cant that she was sure that they had. Don't worry too much about Squeaks. People are already trying to figure it out.

Brynn's worry on that front is palpable. I keep hoping that she's just gone into the underground and has lost track of time, but I'm scared, she admits. Lance and Joe are ballistic.

Which maybe is a good warning for Robyn to have, considering that Lance works for SESA and Joe is… well, Joe.

Do you think you could… send us a message if you hear anything? She looks hopeful, and if Robyn remembers, Brynn's one of the Kids far less likely to run off half-cocked.

I’m legally obliged to tell you, a phrase Robyn only knows because she outright requested it from Adel when she was teaching her the cant, not to get involved, and that SESA and the NYPD are already actively looking into the matter.

Which is true, of course.

Off the record, also a specific request, I’m going to knock on Gillian’s door, and then I’m headed out to find some fucking answers myself. Signing is great when you think only the two of you know it. I’ll let you all know if anything happens, but try to keep Joe at bay as long as you can. Assuming he’s not out there already hitting the pavement on his own.

Brynn has never seen that set of signs used, but context counts for a lot, and she can't help the near silent giggle at it. But she nods immediately. I know everyone is looking and I know Lance wanted to see Aunt Gilly too. I…

She pauses, unwilling to lie to Robyn about keeping Joe leashed. At least for now, volunteering with search parties is keeping him from going stir crazy. Plus we do have a few spots that needed checking out that no one else really knows. Based on the way she carefully phrases that, she's not going to enlighten Robyn on those. I think if she were at any of them, she'd have already texted, though. She isn't usually out of touch — texts me random thoughts and questions and things a lot.

Rolling her eyes, Robyn sighs. She can't say too much about search parties, she knows she wants to be out there. It's probably the best for a lot of people right now that she isn't, considering what her idea of handling it might entail, and besides, she knows Rhys is getting people together. If only she had time herself.

Her thoughts drift to Matthew for a moment, before blinking and looking back to Brynn. It'll get sorted out one way or another. She believes that wholly. She just hopes it gets sorted in a way that favours Squeaks, more than anyone else. Pursing her lips, she looks back down to the documentation in front of her. Anyway, have you done your demonstration yet?

Brynn hopes so too. She misses her little sister. And then she grins a bit. Nope. That's the last thing I need to do — I just needed to come in and show whoever is signing the paper. That's you! There's a little bit of an impish look to her; she did, after all, give Lance pink hair for a long while. Anything in particular you want me to do? The jobs have been walls, vehicles, tattoos, nails, and hair.

Robyn looks down at the paperwork and frowns. "Chromakinesis?" she questions out loud, frowning. Someone has a sense of fucking humour, she sighs, before looking back up at Brynn. Because I can't see colour. She shakes her head, sighing. Even though she sees it literally every moment of her day, that doesn't make moments like this any less painful.

So something a bit more visually noticeable will be required. A tattoo. She lets a grin form on her face, hollow as it may be, unbuttoning the cuff of her sleeve. Rolling it up, she offers the underside of her forearm. Not at all by protocol, but she trusts Brynn, and- well. She doesn't really care. The words "Die Happy", fancy script, rainbow colour. You can remove it afterwards if you like. A beat. How permanent are your changes? When I could manipulate light, I could only short term change colours.

If it seems an odd request to her, it only shows in the minuscule sharp look up that Brynn gives Robyn. Permanent. No fade. All the way to the core — or with hair, the roots. It takes longer for big areas. Most things, I sort of… finger-paint, if you want to call it that? Sort of draw out what I'm doing just like with a paintbrush or pen. But tats… those are more … whole-picture appears at once. I'm not even sure why I do it differently, it just… feels right?

She waits a beat and then puts her hand lightly on the inside of Robyn's forearm. Holding it there for a few long moments, her focus more internal than on the arm she holds, she slides her hand slowly from wrist to nearly the elbow, leaving the multi-hued letters behind on Robyn's skin. All in all, perhaps two minutes worth of time.

While Robyn can't see the colours, she can see the way the colours move along the grayscale, and she offers Brynn a satisfied smile. Beats getting a tattoo the classic way, she offers, before rolling her sleeve back down. Easier to remove too, long as you're around.

Leaning back to the desk in the room, she pulls the paperwork over and quickly signs across both places she needs to, before sliding it over to Brynn. I should probably have you remove it, before anyone questions me for abuse of power. She offers Brynn the pen to do her own signing, and then leans back in her chair.


The deaf teen makes a 'pfffft' sound and rolls her eyes with a grin. Lighthouse and family get free tats anytime, she retorts in amusement. You're one of ours. She takes the pen and signs it as well, grateful to be finished with all the silly formal crap. When she looks up from it and sets the pen back down, she signs with a grin, If you decide you want it off, or if you want a full piece, just let me know.

She studies Robyn a long moment and then nods slightly to something in her own thoughts. Thanks, Robyn. Whether it's for signing off or for the reassurance that they will find Squeaks, there's genuine gratitude in her expression.

That's not- the point, but much like Robyn sometimes cuts herself off verbally, she does the same with her signing. Hands fall back into her lap. She studies Brynn for a moment, before a rather cocky looking grin forms across her face. "Don't thank me," she offers verbally, before looking up at the ceiling.

"Not yet."

The whole 'abuse of power' thing? Yeah, she missed it. Brynn slants Robyn a look out of knowing gray eyes. #BA55D3|If you need us, we're here.## They are, after all, Brian's brood. You should come by the Lanthorn sometime, she smiles slightly. We'll keep a candle in the window for you, just in case. The play on words isn't subtle, but Brynn doesn't need them to be. They're in Cant. Still, she leaves it at that. Robyn knows where we all live now. The address is right there in front of her.

If Joe gets too crazy, I'll let you know — maybe you can cut him off at the pass before he gets into too much trouble.

Robyn can't help but roll her eyes a little as she levels her gaze back at Brynn.If you think he'll listen to me, you're not as good a judge of character as I hoped. Maybe a little mean, but frankly true. But yes. Please keep me in the loop. I will appreciate it. Glancing down at the paper, she shakes her head at the naming of The Lanthorn.

I will try, but I have my doubts. She offers a shrug, a very simple and very matter of fact motion. ##Very busy these days. Here, cases, opening a studio.## She pauses for a minute, before sitting up a bit straighter. ##And I took in a stray recently. Same age you kids were, once.##

Brynn stiffens slightly at the marked sting and then simply nods at keeping Robyn in the loop. To the latter bits of information — the studio and the adoption — she offers a genuinely pleased smile. Primal! Lucky kid. She seems to be entirely sincere. I should get out of your hair. Thanks for signing off, Robyn.

She gathers up her backpack, which she'd set in the floor by her feet when they sat down, and stands up. It was really nice to see you.

Stay out of trouble, is both a warning and a friendly request, offered as Brynn begins to leave. Robyn doesn’t make an immediate motion to follow her, turning back to the paperwork on the table and collecting it back together.

After a moment, she rolls back her sleeve and looks down at the works that have indelibly and inexorably laced across her skin. “Die Happy,” she says out loud. “It really was a good song,” she muses to herself, before looking back to the door and gathering her things.

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