Bay Ridge
Owner City of New York Established Refounded; May 10th, 2015
Purpose Neighborhood
Status Inhabited

Bay Ridge is the most densely populated neighborhood in the NYC Safe Zone, with nearly 50% of all Safe Zone residents living in its tightly-packed rows of refurbished residential buildings and ivy-encrusted apartment complexes. The structures in this neighborhood are in considerably better condition than those elsewhere in the city; however, its many new buildings and their reliable power are reserved for wealthy investors and lucky housing-lottery winners. The presence of the Brooklyn Army Terminal means that military security is prominent within the neighborhood; along with Red Hook, Bay Ridge is one of the most secure places within the Safe Zone. Some of the coastal roads have even been repaved, especially those directly connecting to Yamagato Park and the harbor. Bay Ridge is also the home of the Safe Zone Transportation Commission, interconnecting the limited public transportation options within the Safe Zone.

Bay Ridge


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