The Benchmark Recovery and Counseling Center
Owner Lynette Ruiz Established January 2018
Purpose Rehab, Recovery and Counseling
Status Open, All hours inpatient, 9am-5pm for outpatient
Employees Lynette Ruiz - Executive Director
Joseph Sumter - Mental Health Counselor
Huruma - Volunteer Teacher (Self-Defense)
Cesar Diaz - Volunteer Teacher (Cooking)

Benchmark is a tall, red brick building renovated into a rehab facility. The first floor holds doctors' offices, reception, waiting areas and conference rooms. The lobby is warm and inviting, with a rust-colored design scheme and paintings of calm oceans and pristine beaches. The common areas follow this design, but each doctor has designed their own offices to their own tastes. The upper floors holds dorm-style rooms, split for two occupants per room. Each floor has a communal shower/bathroom. Very dorm-like. Freshman dorms. There is one room on each floor for an employee assigned to that floor, as a communication point for the clients and semi-guard for them, too. This room is more self-contained and the employees are not expected to use the same facilities as the client.

The top floor is different, set up more like an apartment building, where people come to live. These are typically ex-Ferrymen or the like who need a place to stay and are willing to exchange room and board for some work maintaining the building. They do not interact with the clients. The doctors are also welcome to stay in these apartments, but most choose not to.

The Benchmark Recovery and Counseling Center

Additional Info

The Benchmark Recovery and Counseling Center is a facility that caters to the SLC-Expressive, offering services for drug addiction and general psychology/psychiatry. Clients stay on the premises during treatment, then can return home and come for scheduled appointments as needed. Lynette has personally vetted every doctor and counselor on her payroll and all are aware of and capable of handling the sort of traumas that the Evolved in the States (and elsewhere) have often experienced.

While it is geared toward Evolved, Non-Evolved are welcome if they are in need of rehab or counseling as well. But any sign of prejudice against the Evolved and they will be asked to seek service elsewhere. And good luck to them.

All services are provided on a sliding scale payment system.

The facility is technically open all hours. Clients living there can expect to get help at any hour. Food, showers, all the necessities are always available.
For appointments, intake evaluations and the like, please call or come by between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Emergencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

As of 6/11/18, Benchmark is under covert surveillance by Homeland Security and/or SESA agents on the lookout for suspicious/malicious activity.

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