Owner State of New York Established Refounded; May 7, 2015
Purpose Neighborhood
Status Inhabited

Elmhurst is a large neighborhood that spans the entire east-to-west division of the Safe Zone. Its western side is comprised of hundreds of rundown and dilapidated factories and mill buildings that were abandoned even before the civil war, when the post-Bomb economy sent Queens into a nosedive. On its eastern end, Elmhurst transitions into a sprawling residential neighborhood littered with overgrown and wild parks and mostly-repaired brownstones and tenement buildings. Much of Elmhurst is still under reconstruction, and surveyors working for the State of New York assess the integrity of damaged buildings on a daily basis. Elmhurst is also home to the only cellular broadcasting tower in the Safe Zone, and as such, areas closest to central Elmhurst have the best cell phone reception.



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