Howland Hook Terminal
Owner Gideon d'Sarthe Established 2018
Purpose Trading(Smuggling) Hub, Other facilities
Status Occupied; Appointment Only
Employees Marie d'Sarthe
Jason Mines
Ace Callahan
Silas Redd
Affiliation D'Sarthe Group

Once a thriving bayside shipping port, Howland Hook has seen better days. A good portion of it remains in ruin, remnants of pre-war damages accented by later attempts at repair. The rest has been revitalized by other elements.

There is a main complex amidst the fields of shipping containers, standing solid and new near the equally new docksides. For all that this is a lawless place, a hand has taken hold of Howland and has shaped it back into a shade of its former self. Small vessels come and go, traffic moves in and out sporadically. Containers of metal and wood exchange back and forth, a consistent, subtle hum of activity behind tall metal fences and razor-wire, pockmarked with armed guards.

The central buildings are concrete brick and tempered windows from the outside; on the inside, they are modernized, with localized electric and water, inaccessible from beyond the property lines behind barriers. Mostly administrative spaces, with a below-ground space acting as quarters and bunker.

Outlying buildings are smaller, often supply stations and similar; there are several dwellings outside of the perimeter with signs of occupation.

Howland Hook Terminal


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