Jackson Heights
Owner State of New York Established Refounded May 17, 2015
Purpose Neighborhood
Status Partially Inhabited / Under Reconstruction

Jackson Heights is the redistricted northern-most territory of the NYC Safe Zone. The last neighborhood incorporated into the Safe Zone, it suffers from the most structural damage and is in the least secure state of repair. The population in Jackson Heights is sparse and limited to its southern-most and western-most regions. The area is constantly crawling with construction crews, digging teams, surveyors, and a military security presence. Many buildings within Jackson Heights are still in states of severe disrepair from the war. Large stands of fledgling trees grow up from ruined cellarholes, and the cracked and broken streets are riddled with grass and weeds. Greenery and foliage covers many of the buildings as invasive crawling ivy spreads unchecked. Feral dogs and an abundance of rats are a constant nuisance in this region of the Safe Zone, and crime is rampant.

Jackson Heights


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