Raytech NYCSZ Branch Office
Owner Richard Ray Established 2017
Purpose Raytech NYC Safe Zone Branch Office
Status Active
Affiliation Raytech Industries
Raytech NYCSZ Branch Office

Additional Info


  • The local power grid is heavily supplemented by the facility's extensive solar collection grid; the normal brownout schedule causes little more than a flicker of the lights when the building has to switch to stored power.
  • There is no cellular service or cable internet in the area. Raytech has gotten around this by setting up satellite internet (which at the best of times is slow and a bit spotty) and a robust facility intranet. Employees are advised to connect their cellphones to the intranet, which will allow them to call each other within the facility with little problem. Calling out requires connecting to the satellite internet and switching to wi-fi calling - which will have abysmal quality but at least is possible.
  • There is no municipal running water in the area, so the property has its own well and pump system. There are signs about 'not wasting water' everywhere that there are water hook-ups. Proposals for building a desalination plant for Jackson Heights has been floated, but due to expense has not yet progressed past this stage.
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