Searchlight Salvage
Owner Blackburn tbr Established June 2020
Purpose Underwater Salvage, Assisted Underwater Search, River Cleanup, Boat rental
Status Upon request, someone is almost always present
Employees Malaya Ericsson (heavy lifter), Denise Ericsson (diver), Lucy Summers (front desk)

A proud SLC-E owned and ran business, Searchlight Salvage specializes in underwater salvage in the waters around the Safe Zone. The main office is located on a little dock in an old bait-shop on the broad channel of Ferryman's Bay (once Jamaica Bay). The employees make no effort to disguise their SLC-E status, and even seem to use them to assist in salvage operations. Some of the young women who work there are very accustomed to the life on the water.

Searchlight Salvage

Additional Info

While they don't seem to be involved in anything shady, they do claim salvage rights and sell what they find that is worth selling, but they will also search for missing persons or lost items upon request and payment. They mostly work in the waters around Ferryman's bay, but they are willing to travel. If you need a boat for other reasons, you may hire them out as well.

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