The Bunker
Owner Hana Gitelman Established 2015
Purpose Paramilitary Operations Center
Status Active
Affiliation Wolfhound


The Bunker

Additional Info


Security cameras observe all of the main building's exterior doors, the armory, the workyard, most of the driveway, and the ad hoc airstrip for the Tlanuwa at all hours of every day. Motion-sensitive cameras monitor the roof access, tunnel accessways, and all connections between the main building and other structures. There are additional cameras in the common corridors and public areas, but these are active only when Wolfhound is not in residence, or if specifically enabled.

The Bunker is not wired with microphones, however much the idea is bandied about at times. It does have an intercom system that allows both building-wide messages and specific communication to Nambiza.

Access Policy

Public: The Bunker's entrance lobby, associated offices, and the conference room are considered 'open to the public', inasmuch as anyone who comes to talk business or otherwise meet with Wolfhound members in a professional role can move through and interact freely with people in those areas. In all other areas, visitors are required to have a Wolfhound escort, whether formal or informal.

Private: The lounge, commons, rooftop, personal quarters, and other such areas are considered private to Wolfhound members and not accessible by the general public. There are no restrictions against bringing invited guests and known associates into these parts of the Bunker, only that they not be left unattended as a matter of principle.

Restricted: The armory, tunnels, unrestored parts of the complex, and the equipment in the workyard (esp. the Tlanuwa) are restricted, and no one that is not affiliated with Wolfhound should be in those areas without express permission from Hana.

Facilities and Common Areas


Personal Rooms

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The room is sparse and simple. A dresser sits against one wall, next to a small wardrobe that is little more than pipes on wheels. Her bed sits against another wall, under a frosted-glass window. On the sill sits a small collection of books. Many of them are fiction, but a good number of them are textbooks on various subjects. History features prominently. Several of the books have bookmarks in them, like she can't just pick one and read it all the way through.

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