Logs for August 2018

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18 logs posted for August 2018.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
08/01 Later Afternoon Richard Ray Is From Mars Raquelle and Richard
08/03 Late Evening Dr. Seuss Didn't Write This Lance and Squeaks
08/04 Afternoon Half Solutions Des and Eve
Late Afternoon Corny Brynn, Lance and Owain
Night Pink Glitter Hair Brynn and Lance
08/05 Afternoon Of Course You Did Des and Richard
08/06 Afternoon Mind The Roots Dequan and Eve
Night Twin Moons Delia, Eve and Gabriel
08/07 Night The 7th Day Claudia and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
08/10 Late Afternoon The Damage Is Done Deirdre and Keira
08/12 Afternoon League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Chess, Jim, Lynette, and Robyn
08/13 Early Evening The Princess in the Tower Des and Richard
08/15 Early Evening Everything You Touch Lynette
Night Reversal Lynette and Mateo
08/16 Late Morning Green Acres Dequan, Jim, Niki, Peyton, and Sue
Late Morning I've Seen Fire Jim
Late Morning Kind of Useless, But It's Mine Jim and Peyton
Afternoon Batteries Not Included Alia
Night ULURU Eve ???
08/19 Morning Place and Time Squeaks
Afternoon Red or Blue Eugene, Ricky and Squeaks
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