Logs for August 2019

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47 logs posted for August 2019.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
08/01 Night The Thinker Bao-Wei and Squeaks The Dragon
08/02 Afternoon Where The Smoke Blows Kain and Ling
Late Afternoon A Late Start Avi, Emily, and Zachery
08/03 Early Morning On the Case Cesar, Cooper, and Namiko
Early Afternoon When I Grow Up Devon and Francois
Late Afternoon Starting Small Emily, Lance, and Nathalie
Late Evening You Changed ???
08/04 Pre-Dawn Stand By Me, Part I Devon and Emily
08/05 Late Morning Not The Absence of Fear Astor, Benji and Emily The Dragon and Time for Rest
08/06 Evening Operation Lohengrin Alia, Carina, Chel, Devon, Elisabeth, Emily, Felix, Kaylee, Jared, Magnes, Raquelle, Richard, Warren
Evening Cross-Dimensional Smalltalk Emily and Magnes
Evening An Introvert On The Beach Elisabeth and Alia
08/07 Dawn Beach Coffee Emily and Cassandra
Midday It's All Black Isis and Zachery
08/08 Afternoon Should've Called Ahead Dirk, Isis, and Sahara
Afternoon Mixing Business and Family Elisabeth and Francois
08/09 Morning A Warm Reception ??? A Rising Tide
Afternoon Coming Out Of Hiding Brynn and Emily
Night Feed the Poor ??? Hands of Mary
Night Needle Emily, Jasmine and Squeaks
Night Thread Jasmine and Squeaks
08/10 Pre-Dawn Late-Nite Riddles Emily and Richard
Dawn Hail Mary Emily
Evening Familiar Kellar and Nathalie The Dragon
08/11 Late Morning Work To Be Done Kara and Ryans
Late Afternoon Not Good At Being Vulnerable Emily and Joe
Midnight Eam Succendam Eam Pariter Isabelle
08/12 Early Morning Old Ghosts Hana The Dragon
Morning Cat(s) About Town Dumortier and Zachery
Night Independence Garza and Zachery The Dragon
08/13 Late Morning The Welcome Wagon Byron, Kara, and Zachery
08/14 Noon Actualize Drucker, Hana, Renautas, and Roux The Dragon
Early Afternoon As Good As New Colette and Hana
Afternoon Fever Pitch Isis, Kaylee, Richard, Zachery
Night Sometimes You Bet On Red Zachery
08/15 Dawn Surprise Visitor Nicole and Zachery
Morning You're Not You? Colette, Devon, and Kaylee The Dragon
Morning Isolation Lab 6 Isis and Richard
Afternoon The Walls Have Ears Avi, Devon, Elisabeth, Kaylee, Richard The Dragon
08/16 Morning Assemblance Hana The Dragon
Evening Crossing Byron, Charity, Eileen, Iago, Johannes, Kara, Lang, Lanhua, Val, and Yi-Min The Dragon
Evening Failing Adam and Yi-Min The Dragon
Late Evening Breakdown Lane Erin, Felix, and Kaylee A Rising Tide
Night Drink Byron and Kara
08/17 Night The Treasure That Remains None
08/24 Morning Fuck Faulkner, Isis and Zachery
Morning Neverwhere Isis and Zachery
Morning Stage Five Faulkner, Isis and Zachery
08/27 Night Words Are Weapons Adam and Joy The Dragon
Night Every Single One of Us Adam and… The Dragon
Night The Devil Inside "Noah" The Dragon
08/30 Afternoon Home Warming Delilah, Joe, and Silvia
Late Afternoon Omen, Part I Pending The Dragon
Late Afternoon Omen, Part II Pending The Dragon
Evening Scutum Ignacio and Marlowe Blood and Sand
From To Title Participants Storyline
??? ??? I Should Not, Part I Eve
08/05 08/06 Return to the Dead Zone, Part I Gillian and Lene The Dragon
08/06 08/16 Return to the Dead Zone, Part II Pending The Dragon
06/16 08/20 Return to the Dead Zone, Part III Pending The Dragon
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