Logs for August 2019

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23 logs posted for August 2019.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
08/01 Night The Thinker Bao-Wei and Squeaks The Dragon
08/02 Afternoon Where The Smoke Blows Kain and Ling
08/03 Early Morning On the Case Cesar, Cooper, and Namiko
Early Afternoon When I Grow Up Devon and Francois
Late Evening You Changed ???
08/05 Late Morning Not The Absence of Fear Astor, Benji and Emily The Dragon and Time for Rest
08/06 Evening Operation Lohengrin Alia, Carina, Chel, Devon, Elisabeth, Emily, Felix, Kaylee, Jared, Magnes, Raquelle, Richard, Warren
Evening Cross-Dimensional Smalltalk Emily and Magnes
Evening An Introvert On The Beach Elisabeth and Alia
08/07 Midday It's All Black Isis and Zachery
08/08 Afternoon Should've Called Ahead Dirk, Isis, and Sahara
08/09 Morning A Warm Reception ??? A Rising Tide
Night Feed the Poor ??? Hands of Mary
08/10 Evening Familiar Kellar and Nathalie The Dragon
08/11 Late Morning Work To Be Done Kara and Ryans
08/12 Early Morning Old Ghosts Hana The Dragon
Morning Cat(s) About Town Dumortier and Zachery
Night Independence Garza and Zachery The Dragon
08/14 Noon Actualize Drucker, Hana, Renautas, and Roux The Dragon
Afternoon Fever Pitch Isis, Kaylee, Richard, Zachery
Night Sometimes You Bet On Red Zachery
08/15 Morning You're Not You? Colette, Devon, and Kaylee The Dragon
Morning Isolation Lab 6 Isis and Richard
08/16 Evening Crossing Byron, Charity, Eileen, Iago, Johannes, Kara, Lang, Lanhua, Val, and Yi-Min The Dragon
08/17 Night The Treasure That Remains None
08/27 Night Words Are Weapons Pending The Dragon
Night Every Single One of Us Pending The Dragon
Night The Devil Inside Pending The Dragon
From To Title Participants Storyline
08/05 08/16 Return to the Dead Zone, Part I Pending The Dragon
08/16 08/20 Return to the Dead Zone, Part II Pending The Dragon
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