Logs for December 2011

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25 logs posted for December 2011.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
12/01 Afternoon A Song In Every Future Adel, Elaine. and Quinn
12/05 Night Into That Good Night Amtullah and Griffin Besieged
Night Exposure Barbara, Brian, Eileen, and Lucille Besieged
12/08 Evening Mentally Straining Allegiances Barbara, Huruma, Kaylee, Lynette, Megan, Noa, Quinn, and Ryans Besieged
Night Better Plans Brian, Lynette, and Nick Besieged
12/09 Afternoon The Open Door Howard, Kaylee, and Nicole Besieged
Evening A Subtle Hum Huruma and Kaylee Besieged
12/10 Evening Simple Human Contact Megan and Ryans Besieged
12/13 Afternoon Now Think Back Kaylee and Rue Besieged
Early Evening Moonlight Sonata Griffin and Kaylee Besieged
Night Damning Evidence Barbara, Brian, Colette, Lucille and Samara Besieged
12/14 Mid-morning So Out of Her League Huruma and Megan Besieged
Afternoon The Stuff of Nightmares Rue Besieged
Afternoon Until Proven Innocent Barbara, Edgar, Eileen, Noa, Quinn, Rue, and Ryans Besieged
Afternoon Little Bombs Megan and Quinn Besieged
Late Afternoon The Wrong Jedi Lynette, Megan, and Rue Besieged
Late Afternoon Not The Droid You're Looking For Megan and Ryans Besieged
12/15 Late Morning Right The Ship Lynette and Quinn Besieged
Afternoon Knocking on the Door Avi, Eileen, and Ryans Besieged
Late Night The Feet and the Flame Huruma and Ryans Besieged
12/16 Morning Privacy is a Luxury Lucille and Megan Besieged
Afternoon Aces And Sleeves Brian and Lynette Besieged
Evening The Dying Swan (Reprise) Quinn and Rue Besieged
12/18 Afternoon The Ringer Brian, Griffin, Lynette, Megan, Noa, Samara and Shawn Besieged
12/19 Morning Judge, Jury, Executioner Eileen and Rue Besieged
Night Mutually Assured Destruction Eileen, Griffin, and Malcolm Besieged
Night Quietus I Avi, Barbara, Benji, Eileen, Gillian, and Nick * Besieged
Night Quietus II Avi, Colette, Noa, Quinn, Raith, Rue and Tamara * Besieged
Night Quietus III Joseph, Kaylee, Megan, Brian, and Samara * Besieged
Night Quietus IV Grace, Huruma, Lucille, Nick, Nicole, Ryans, and Lynette * Besieged
Night The Death of Birds is Conducted Without Weeping Eileen and Gabriel * Besieged
Night Quietus V Barbara, Edgar, Griffin, Julie, Lydia, Tasha, and Vincent * Besieged
Late Night Pending Eve and Gillian * Besieged
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