Logs for December 2018

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19 logs posted for November 2018.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
12/03 Afternoon The Babe with the Power Jim and Peyton
Afternoon And So This is Christmas Cassandra and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Evening Pie Advice Emily and Joe
12/04 Early Morning Bifurcation Lynette, Mateo, and Richard Garden of Forking Paths
Lunchtime Dammit, Jim! Huruma, Jim, and Megan
Evening Deep Down In Electric Blue Eve and Geneva
12/05 Evening Resting Grinch Face Emily and Geneva
Night Fox in the Henhouse Asi, Eizen, Ivy, Jiba, Monica, Val, and Vi Fires of Creation
12/06 Afternoon Welcome to Inspector Gadget, Inc Geneva and Richard
Evening Don't Be Sad, Mommy Kaylee
Night More Emily and… Garden of Forking Paths
12/10 Night With Facts and Lies Khalid
Late Morning Instant-Coffee Latte Decisions Emily and Tamara
12/11 Night How Do We Forgive Our Fathers? Berlin, Eileen, and Emily
Night Two Masks Keira and Khalid Fires of Creation
12/12 Evening The Book Of Three Berlin and LeRoux Garden Of Forking Paths
12/14 Evening That's Life Ezra and Luther
12/15 Evening Be Careful What You Ask For Emily, Eve, Geneva, and Sibyl
12/25 Late Night Leave A Trace Robyn and Robyn Garden of Forking Paths
Late Night It Is Done Zelda Garden of Forking Paths
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